Remedies using Durva [Cynodon dactylon]

Durva [Cynodon dactylon] also known as Bermuda grass, is a short Grass which has since time immemorial been used in Indian religious practices; especially in the worship of Ganesha.

Durva other than its religious use has been also used in traditional Indian remedies, to treat various kinds of aliments. This plant has great medicinal value and is said to have strong antiviral properties.

Some prominent remedies which make the use of Durva are given here.

Bleeding of the nose – The juice of the whole grass is consumed. A few drops of the juice are also put in the nose.

Vomiting – The juice of the whole grass, mixed with sugar is given to those suffering from this condition.

Burning in the Eyes- A few drops of the juice is put in the eyes to get relief from this condition.

Other than these remedies Durva is also used in the treatment of stomach aliments, loose motions and dysentery and prostrate disease, amongst other uses.

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