Anna Hazare's Lok War 3 Begins

The bugle of Lok War 3 was sounded during anti corruption crusader Anna Hazare’s one day token fast at Jantar Mantar yesterday.

A welcome change from the past two agitations is that the gloves are off. The Anna Hazare camp is not targeting the mask; the puppets; but the man behind the mask; the puppeteer Rahul Gandhi.

Another departure from the past two agitations is that, this time around the principle Indian opposition parties have pledged their support to the moment. They have no other option as the standing committee, controlled by Rahul has stabbed the Indian people in the back in a most blatant and disturbing manner by ignoring/ misinterpreting the three points of the “Sense of the House” resolution adopted on 27th August. Thus cheating not only Team Anna;the people of India, but also the opposition parties.

That Rahul will try every trick in the book to avoid loosing control over the CBI is crystal clear. He will also try to dilute the proposal for bringing the Prime Minister under the ambit of the Lokpal .The other two main points, the bringing of the Lower bureaucracy and the Citizens Charter, are I suspect bargaining points. He obviously wants some bargaining through his puppets.

But what he really wants most is safeguards for the Prime Minister and CBI.Now if the agitation planned by Anna Hazare on the 27th of December goes ahead; one has to watch out for the contingency plans which Team Rahul adopts. They will obviously have learnt lessons from the past fiascos.

A counter agitation is most likely; Team Rahul has reverted back to the time tested policy of divide and rule. They have sown the seeds of dividing the anti corruption moment on caste and religion grounds, through dissent notes through their puppets.

However one needs to watch the outcome closely as this time around the fight might turn out to be messier than the other two episodes of Lok War.

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