Remedies for minor burns

In case you burn yourself and are in a remote place where no hospital, ambulance or doctor is available, here are some immediate remedial measures you can take. These remedies are for burns which are not very severe or widespread; but for minor burns.

The body part affected by burns should immediately be immersed in a bucket or utensil filled with cold water. This ensures that the severe burning sensation subsides. If the pain does not subside, it must be because the water is not very cold.

Till the pain subsides the affected body part should be kept immersed in cold water. This ensures that burn marks are substantially reduced and the chances of open wounds are minimized.

After the pain subsides, boiled mud [after it cools] should be applied over the burn affected area and bandaged. Mud is a great healing agent and ensures quick healing.

In case of severe wounds when the patient is hospitalized and bedridden, it is advisable to take a proper diet comprising largely of fruits.

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  1. From my experience the best medicine for burns and fresh cuts is Urine. Once tried you will never go to any medical shops in such cases. Wash the burns or cuts fresh with urine before it come in contact with water. You will be surprised to note that the burning pain is compltely stopped and in the case of cuts flow of blood is stopped almost immediately. And more over healing is much faster and leaves hardly any marks. I've used this even for cuts which my doctor wanted min.7 stiches. and with out even a single painkiller tablet cured it with urine.


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