Mantra for success in life

This is a very rare, secret and powerful Mantra for success in life. To practice this Mantra one has to take some water in a glass and holding that glass in one hand recite the mantra 17 times. Doing this binds the water with the Mantra.

Then one has to drink that water. This Mantra is said to remove diseases and grant good health, give protection from evil energies. It is also said to bestow what one desires most in life and give all round happiness and success in life.

If someone wishes to practice this Mantra, I would advise you that try this procedure for 3 days. If you do not get any results then stop the practice. It means that the Mantra is not for you.

Hindu Mantra Chant for success in life
Mantra for success in life

Om sa saam sim seem sum soom sem sam sim sam sah va vam vim veem vum
voom vem voum vaum vam vah sah amrut varayam swaha

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  1. Nice..i will definatly follow it....thanks for the Mantra..

  2. pranam Guru ji
    plz lemme now how many days we have to repeat this process, should one can take water everyday and bind it with mantra for 17 times and then drink it and next day should repeat this process again??? or we have do this only for one day only??? pls lemme knw this soon.

  3. Pranam Guruji,
    Guruji , what is the right time to chant this mantra ( morn, eveng).
    What kind of glass should we use (steel glass or glass made of glass).
    On which day we have to start this sadhana , can one continue it for longer period of time(say 1 ,6 months or more).
    Thank you

  4. Dear Sir,
    Does it mean that if the mantra does not show desired results in just 3 days we should stop doing it?
    Does it start its affects in short time of 3 days?

    Amit Ranat

    1. That is right, you can try the Mantra for 3 days to see if it works for you, if it does then you can continue chanting it as long as you desire.

    2. Dear Sir,
      Does it mean for health related problems v can try 3 days but what about all round success how can v judge that in 3 days?


    3. That is what is mentioned in the Tantra, try to see if you feel positive vibrations within three days and then continue with the Mantra Sadhana.

  5. Pranam Guruji ,

    Pls let me know on which day we need to start ?

  6. Please do audio of correct pronunciation of the mantra

  7. Namaskar Guriji 🙏 can you please do a YouTube video with the full pronunciation of this mantra and post a link to the video in the comments? Thank you


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