Remedy for examination stress

Before and during examinations some common symptoms of examination stress, amongst students are headaches, insomnia, lethargy, loose motions and lethargy. Another common complaint is forgetting what you have studied at the last moment.

The other day while chatting with a renowned Homeopathic Doctor, he mentioned a unique Homeopathic formula which he prescribes especially before and during examinations. With his kind permission I am putting this unique remedy for examination stress here.

A mixture of the homeopathic medicines given below has to be prepared.
Anacardium – 6x
Argentum Nitricum – 6x
Gelsemium – 6x
Kalifos – 6x

This preparation is given to students showing the symptoms of examination stress mentioned above, one month before and during the course of the examinations. The dosage is 4 tablets in the morning and 4 tablets at bed time.

If the medicine of 6x strength is unavailable, it can be replaced by medicine of 30x strength.

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