Mantra to divide enemies

A lot of my readers write to me, asking for more and more mantras for enemy related problems. A common complaint is that a lot of enemies have ganged up to trouble them. This here is a Videshan mantra.

Videshan means creating problems, disagreements and fights amongst your enemies, thereby dividing them. Divided your enemies will not be able to trouble you, as they fight amongst themselves.

This is a Videshan mantra which has to be used only for protection of the self and near and dear ones, because we invoke the name of Narayana at the beginning of this mantra.

The Siddhi [mastery] is acquired by reciting this mantra 100,000 times. Thereafter to use it, it has to be recited 108 times.

The words “amukasya amuken” “अमुक्स्य अमुकेन” have to be replaced with the name of the enemies whom you wish to divide by creating differences.

Hindu Videshan Mantra for Enemy Division
Videshan Mantra

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  1. Dear sir / madam,
    in videshan mantra for siddhi we have to recite for 1 lakh times.
    how to complete this 1 lakh recitement at one go or plz guide how to do it.


  2. sir kya is videshan mantra ko apne near one ko apne enemies se alag karne ke liye bhi use kar sakte hai kya........

  3. Sir please reply............ 1 lakh mantra kitne din me complete karne hai..... or diya jalana hai ya nhi kisi bhi direction me face krke pooja Mar sakte hai...... please reply sir......

  4. 100,000 chants are to be divided into a specific number each day; there is no time limit.
    There are no other rules given in the post for the Mantra.

    1. Sir i wanted to know that for mastery or siddhi whether weneed to use enemies names in the place of amukasya amukhen or use the mantra without names of enemies...?and which mantra -in english or hindi is correct? in hindi amukhasya amukhen "saha " word is there and in english the word saha is not there ..Sir.Please clarify

  5. sir please tell me after completing 1 lakh mantras how would we use it 108 time by performing any havan or normally receitation of mantra,,,,or ghar ka kaam karte hue bhi mantra recite kar sakte hai ya particular jagah pe baith ke hi karna hai

  6. Sir please reply kya hum ghar ke kaam karte karte, or bed pe bait he bait he mantra recite kar sakte hai........ please please reply

    1. Yes you can chant the mantra while at home or in your bed

  7. Sir is mantra me Hindi or English dono me difference hai.....Hindi me amuken me baad San likha hai but English me nhi hai....

  8. The Hindi version has to be always followed

  9. Sir please reply me.......mere kuch questions hai
    1. Siddhi attand karneke liye hum ek lakh mantra apne enemies kaa naam lete hue recite karenge or agar humare char enemy hai to hume dobara baki do ko divide karne ke liye dobara se ek lakh jaap baki do ka naam leke karne honge ya siddhi ek bar attend karke baki time use kar sakte hai........
    2. Mensurational time me bhi recite kar sakte hai ya nhi.....
    3. 1 lakh complete hone ke baad kaise use karna hai.....

    Please please reply......

    1. The information is given in the post; however as stated on the site personalised advise on Such Aghori Prayogs is not given.

  10. Sir,

    Can I use this mantra by taking names of one friend and one enemy. Its very important please reply. I already started chanting this mantra.

  11. Sir,
    Do we need to replace the entire word amukasya with the person's name or just replace amuk with the person's name?
    Same for amukena.

    For example Ravanasya vs Ravan.


    1. Replace the entire word with the names of the enemies,like in the example given by you.

  12. Hai sir,
    please tell me
    when will i change the words amukasya nd amuken with enemy names after attaining sidhi or before ?

    kindly reply ...

    1. Change the words into the names of your enemies after gaining Siddhi over the mantra.

  13. sir can this mantra be used for protection of a relationship against some specific persons trait or attribute. and enemies whom we do not know of.

  14. Hello guruji
    after gain siddhi over the mantra. How many days I have to chant mantra to get result? How many rosary how many days I have to do?
    Plz reply its urgent. Waiting for your reply

  15. ashok sir,will this mantra work for love related problems especially when love is in danger,I MEAN agar koi apna crush ya girlfriend ko lejane wala hai...please elaborate sir

  16. Sir.. If there are more than 2 people ..I mean if there are 4 persons. Then how to use the mantra?

    1. यह विद्वेषण मंत्र दो व्यक्तियो के मध्य द्वेष उत्पन्न करने के लिए है. "अमुकस्य"एकवचन है,अर्थात अमुक का . इसी तरह "अमुकेन सह"भी एकवचन है,अर्थात "अमुक के साथ". इस तरह से यह मंत्र दो व्यक्तियो के बीच मे द्वेष कराने के लिए है. दो से अधिक शत्रुओ के लिए अन्य मंत्र है,जिन्हे इस साइट पर देखा जा सकता है.

  17. Kya pehlese hi hum nam leke jap kar sakte he

    1. After gaining Siddhi over the Mantra, the names of the enemies should be inserted in the Mantra.

  18. Hello sir
    In this mantra you suggested that you add the names of anemeis after gaining siddi or reciting the mantra 100000
    times then add the names. Does it what we should recide
    just "om namah narayana" or the whole mantra just like you have written amuken amuksya videshan kuru kuru swaha.

    1. इस मन्त्र में नारायणा शब्द छपा है ,इसे नारायणाय होना चाहिए .मन्त्र यह है -
      ॐ नमो नारायणाय अमुकस्य अमुकेन सह विद्वेषणं कुरु कुरु स्वाहा
      यही मन्त्र नारद मुनि से सम्बंधित होकर इस प्रकार है -
      ॐ नमो नारदाय अमुकस्य अमुकेन सह विद्वेषणं कुरु कुरु स्वाहा .
      एक लाख मंत्रजप से मन्त्र सिद्ध होता है .संकल्प कर लें कि मैं इतने दिनों (११ /२१ या ४० )में
      एक लाख जप करूंगी..मन्त्र जैसा है वैसा ही जपना है .एक लाख जप के बाद "अमुकस्य अमुकेन "की जगह उन दो व्यक्तियों का नाम आएगा ,जिनमे विद्वेषण कराना है ..पहले वाले व्यक्ति के नाम के साथ" स्य "लगेगा (जैसे-गणेशचन्द्रस्य /दामोदरप्रसादस्य ).दूसरे वाले व्यक्ति के नाम के साथ "ऐन " लगेगा (जैसे-रामप्रसादेन/मोहनेन).अब आगे जप व्यक्तियों के नाम के साथ होगा .

    2. Satya nidhi sir which one is correct narayanaya/narayana ?
      Can we use for separating one friend from one enemy i.e using name of a friend and a enemy ? Please reply

  19. Pranaam Sir,
    After gaining sidhi of the mantra, to use on the target persons, what is the Vidhi? Only chanting 108 times by replacing the names for 1 time is enough? Or should chanting 108 times repeated again?

    Is there any other procedure or any steps involved after reciting 108 times to get the success in this prayog?

    Please reply...

    1. After Siddhi, the names have to be used only 1 time for the 108 Mantra Chants Vidveshan Prayog.

  20. Sir mai clearly puchna chahti hu k siddhi prapt karte time to simple mantra karna hai bina kisi ka naam liye? Aur siddhi prapt karne k baad jab 108 bar mantra ka uchharan karna hai to ek bar enemy ka naam lena hai or 107 bar bina naam ke? Kya mai sahi hu?

    1. For actual use the name of the enemy has to taken108 times and not 107 times.

    2. Thanks Sir for guidance it help other peoples also, those were confused like me. Thanks again


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