Mantras to stop enemies

These are three Stambhan Mantras or mantras to put an end to trouble from enemies. It is said that the use of these mantras will stop/immobilize your enemy and put an end to all their activities against you.

Kindly note that I do not practice or advocate the use of these mantras. They have been given here for information purposes only.

To attain Siddhi this mantra has to be recited 1000 times either on a Sunday or a Tuesday. After attaining Siddhi whenever you wish to use it to stop your enemies, you have to Abhimintrit [bind by the mantra] a few black Sesame seeds [Til in Hindi] while holding the black Sesame seeds in your hand and reciting this mantra 21 times. After doing this you have to throw the black Sesame seeds on the body of the enemy you wish to stop. This will stop all the activities of your enemy.
Om Va Va Va Ha Ha Gha Th Th ll
ॐ वं वं वं हं हं घां ठं ठं ll

This is a mantra to gain success in court cases. The Sadhana should be commenced on a Saturday. This mantra has to be recited 1000 times, and a Havan [a Vedic ritual where offerings are made to fire, which is one of the Five Elements] of Dhoop [Incense also known as thick agarbattī] has to be offered while reciting this mantra. This entire process has to be repeated for 7 consecutive days to attain Siddhi.Thereafter attaining Siddhi, whenever you wish to use this mantra, it should be recited 108 times in the morning before attending the court. In the court the sacred ash of the Havan should be secretly blown in the direction of the opposite party. If you are submitting an application a little bit of the ash should be put on the application. It is said that doing this will make you successful in court matters.
Afal, Afal, Afal Dushmanke Muha Kuluf Mere Haath Kunji Rupya Todkar Dushman Ko Jer Kar ll
अफल, अफल, अफल दुष्मनके मुंह कुलुफ मेरे हाथ कुंजी रुपया तोड़कर दुष्मन को जर कर ll

The Sadhana to attain Siddhi of the mantra has to be done in a Graveyard by reciting this mantra 1008 times and offering an Ahuti [offering] of salt while reciting this mantra. Doing this will stop your enemy in his tracks and immobilize all his activities against you.
Om Namo Digambaraya Amukasya Aasan Stambh Kurukuru Swaha ll
ॐ नमो दिगम्बराय अमुकस्य आसनं स्तंभ कुरुकुरु स्वाहा ll

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  1. Hi,

    Thanks for all mantras.

    How can I throw as you said "After doing this you have to throw the black Sesame seeds on the body of the enemy you wish to stop"

    It is impossible to throw at them. Also they are very very far from me.

    Can I throw on their photo?

    Please let me know.



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