What is true Happiness?

Who does not need money and wealth; it would be foolish to say we do not need wealth; that it is not the key to our happiness. Everyone needs money and wealth, but money cannot meet all ends, it can buy a lot of thing, but not everything we need.

But what is that elusive key to the path that leads to true happiness, peace and contentment, no one really knows. We often hear it is your Karma it is not in your hands. OK we can do nothing about what is not in our hands, but we can certainly do a lot of things about what is in our hands.

Have a look at what money can buy for you--

Bed ----------------But not sleep.
Books --------------But not the brain.
Food----------------But not hunger.
Medicines ---------But not Health
Property -----------But not a Home
Entertainment -----But not Happiness
Fame ---------------But not Morality
Joy -----------------But not Peace
Lover---------------But not Love
Authority ----------But not respect

Those whose only aim in life in the acquisition of wealth should remember that everything in life is uncertain ----But not Death.

Always remember that it is your inner strength, which is the key to your happiness, as your mind is the only window you have through which you see the world around you.

Each and everyone is after Happiness, this is why Unhappiness arises. In the pursuit of Happiness, one takes away the Happiness of some other person, thus making that person unhappy.

If you want to achieve great deeds and works, remember they can never be achieved without leaving aside the Ego and Selfishness.

The greatest companion in life is your resolve.

The brightest Jewel in life is Hard Work.

True love will make your Soul shine like the Sun; Delusion will make your Soul contract and retreat into darkness.

Those who see everyone as their own are the free Souls and those who see no one as their own are the one who live in Darkness.

That person who is sad should bear his sorrows silently, what is the point of spreading your sorrow everywhere. Why pollute the atmosphere with your sorrows, let your sorrows turn to light and then spread that light everywhere.

अयं मे हस्तो भगवानयं मे भगवत्तर:।
अयं मे विश्वभेषजोsयं शिवाभिमर्शनम्: ll

Meaning- These hand of mine, are my wealth, these are the medicine of all ills and these [hands] are for the welfare of all.

This verse Arthaved-4/13/6 is a very significant description of Karma. You are the master of your destiny. Whatever you achieve, it is with your own hands and not through other people’s hands.


  1. Very very enlightening post.You have shared real TRUTH with us.I admire your insights.You are doing a wonderful job.
    God bless.

  2. Yes, happiness is the work of our own hands and spirits. Nobody else can give us happiness, just as nobody else can live or die for us.

  3. I felt like I am speaking to someone when reading all this wonderful solutions. May god bless your soul for the gift you are giving to people like me. I desperately need help so I am trying to learn more. Thank you.


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