For those facing certain death

This is a post for all those who have been diagnosed as being in the last stages of life. This is a very sad moment for all those who know that they are approaching certain death. Death is the one thing in life which is the only certainty.No one knows the thoughts of the person who knows that he is dying. None can experience his thoughts they are unique.

More often than not you see people showing pity for those whom they know are dying. These people forget that they will also reach the same stage, some time or the other in their life. These are some of the verses from the Bhagavad-Gita which I am putting here for the benefit of all those who know they are facing certain death.

The Bhagawad-Gita, one of the most sacred of the Hindu religious texts, which consists of nothing but the words of Krishna [the Supreme Being] states

Chapter 8/5
He who at the time of death remembers me [the supreme being]alone and nothing else, becomes one with me, there is absolutely know doubt about this.

Chapter 8/7
Therefore remember me [the Supreme Being] and me alone and nothing else at all times, and you will become one with me, there is absolutely no doubt about this.

Chapter 8/9-10 – 12 -13
He who with nothing else but devotion directs all his thoughts towards me [the supreme being] concentrating his entire being at the point between his eyes, attains me and me alone; he attains the shinning Supreme Being.There is no doubt about this

Chapter 8/12 -13
He who single mindedly thinks of me [the Supreme Being] and nothing else by repeating Om, which stands for me, attains me and nothing else after death.

Through these verses I want to tell those who know that they don’t have many days to live, that all you have to do is concentrate on God [the Supreme Being] and of nothing else. It does not matter what image of the supreme being you have in your mind, it can be of Krishna/Jesus or Mohammad, think of that image and of being one with him. And you will be one with him there is no doubt about this.

It does not matter what kind of life you have led. I will give you the example of the Demon King of Lanka Ravan.Ravan had spent his entire life opposing God, fighting with God and doing evil deeds. Finally he was killed by Ram [the Supreme Being], the last thing he [Ravan] did in life was to shout the name Ram, and he merged and became one with Ram.

I kindly request those of you who have friends and relatives in the last stages of their lives, to show them this article.

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