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Bhagavad-Gita on Non-Duality

Ancient Hindu scriptures have on numerous occasions described ways and means to attain realization and the Non-Dual state of existence. Various examples have been highlighted time and again, to guide the seekers of the ultimate reality. What these scriptures tell you is that to attain the supreme state of God or ‘It’ one has to become ‘It’ there is no other way to attain Nirvana. Nirvana cannot be attained in separateness. When one realizes and experiences all things living as well as material as one then only does one attain Nirvana.

The Bhagavad-Gita which is one of the most popular and widely followed of all the Hindu religious scriptures describes the Non-Dual nature of consciousness most appropriately and beautifully in Verses X11l. 15=17 and 27 and 30 thus-

Bahirantasca Bhutanam
Acaram caram eva ca;
Suksmatvat tat avijneyam
Durastham cantike ca tat.
‘It' lies within and outside all things both moving and unmoving; because it is stuble, it cannot be comprehended; it is near and yet far.

Avibhaktam vibhaktesu
Vibhaktam iva ca tat sthitam;
Bhuta-bhartr ca tat jneyam
Grasisnu prabhavisnu ca.
‘It’ is undivided, but exists in all divided things as if it has been divided; it is also the sustainer of all things, as it is also their absorber and also their creator.

Jyotisam api tat jyotih
Tamasah param ucyate;
Hrdi sarvasya dhisthitam.
‘It’ is the light of all lights, it is beyond the darkness of ignorance and delusion; it is knowledge, as well as the object and the final goal of knowledge, it is forever established in all hearts.

Samam sarvesu bhutesu
Tisthantam parameswaram;
Vinasyatsu avinasyantam
Yah pasyati sa pasyati
The realized one sees the divine God existing equally in all beings,’It’is imperishable in all that perishes.

Yada bhuta-prthag-bhavam
ekastham anupasyati;
Tata eva ca vistaram
Brahma sampadyate tada.
It is when one realizes that all beings and things which are existing separately are living in ‘It’and are ‘It’, and are expanding with ‘It’, then only one attains Brahman [Non Duality].

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