How to Meditate

In playing out all the unending roles which one has to play throughout one’s life one has completely forgotten the real “I”. The discovery of the real “I” is the final frontier all those who have embarked upon the various paths which lead towards the discovery of this elusive “I”. Meditation is one of these paths of discovery; it is the most effective path, which leads towards discovery.

The most common mistake one does while meditating is to concentrate entirely on the mind or the brain. The brain we all know is not a separate organ; it is an extension of the human body which does all the mental functions, just like the individual functions assigned to the other parts of the body.

When one concentrates entirely on the brain, while meditating one is unintentionally engaging in the fragmentation of the body and the mind. All human beings are fragmented beings. We spend our entire lives playing and acting out various roles like actors. One is simultaneously the father, the son, the employee, the employer and so on. Each role has its own unique behavioral patterns and thought process.

Then how does one concentrate on ones entire being, physical as well as mental?
The real key is not to concentrate at all, by concentrating, one is again fragmenting the mind. The natural course or flow of the mind is expansion, when one tries to concentrate hard, one is contracting the mind or restricting it to a confined imaginary place in the body. The human mind is constructed in such a way that it can never be confined or restricted. If restricted it mutates and turns morbid.

Now the next and most logical question one will ask is how one really meditates, if one were not to concentrate at all. One is justified in thinking that it is easier said than done. Let me first ask you, you have heard of all those millions and millions of persons who have engaged in meditation in the past and those who are active practitioners of meditation, how many persons do you know who have achieved that ultimate bliss or Nirvana, which is the final goal. If you think someone probably some Guru is enlightened, how do you know that he is enlightened? If he says that, he is enlightened how you do know that he is telling you the truth?

Then again, the question arises how does one meditate?
One has to try to cultivate the art of no thinking. It can be termed also as the meditation of silence or the whole mind and body meditation. Again, I am saying try to cultivate, just like you cultivate any other role, which you want desperately to play in life. By cultivating this habit, it will sink into the deepest depths of your sub conscious, and then it will come naturally, just like any other thought process, or role, which you play every day.

How to cultivate this thought process?
Try to think with your entire mind, in totality, sounds absurd, but have you ever tried to try to think without the baggage of all those roles you play every day.
Try to think with your entire body, not just the brain or your heart or concentrating on the third or fourth eye or whatever the gurus might tell you.
Try to think with your entire body physical as well as mental as one composite and whole unit not fragmented.
Try not to imitate someone, who you think and believe has achieved success, as what might work for some might not necessarily work for the others.
Try to believe that you are a unique individual, and the experience, which you are after, is also unique, and not what you have heard or read about what happens when one attains Nirvana.
When you are engaged in this process, try to cultivate the mindset that what you are after is pure knowledge and not the second hand knowledge, about which you have heard and read.
Try not to imagine or visualize what you think is the state of enlightenment.

As to start to cultivate this natural state of being, it will sooner or later or even immediately become a state of mind and body, which you can achieve at, will, and which will come spontaneously when you think about it.

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