Real condition of Indian Education

The Indian Education system has over the past few years collapsed totally, and has now mutated into a 2+2=4 and 2-2 = 4 kind of system where the focus now seems to completely on the commercialization of Education. Education has turned into just another lucrative business. Educationists are a dying breed which has been replaced by entrepreneurs and businessmen trying to diversify into new areas.And of course the guys truing to make a fast buck are not far behind.

A child gets his first bitter experience of new forced responsibilities at the age of less than two years when he gets admitted into what is known as Playgroup.Thereafter its nursery, then lower kindergarten,then upper kindergarten, all of this before the age of five. He becomes a veteran of 4 years of schooling when he finally reaches the pinnacle which is the first standard.

Why I am calling this a bitter experience is because the child is just learning to speak clearly by the time he reaches the first standard, which is when he is around five years old.One has only to be in the shoes of the child to know what is going on in his mind, what he is thinking and experiencing in his formative years,which is when the brain starts expanding.Are the profiteering morons who control Education not responsible for turning him into an automation?

In a country which has become slave to rules and regulations, are we not sinking deeper and deeper into the loop? The time will come sooner than later when we might find it impossible to get out of this loop.This suits the politicians and civil servants who control the Indian state perfectly.Rules and regulations are bread and butter for these guys that’s how they manage to survive,hiding behind these rules and regulations.

Coming back to the child,his parents are willing accomplices to his mental and physical harassment and mutation.The parents of today have nicely blended into the loop of rules and regulation, and it’s their deepest desire to turn their child into a superior automation than his peers. In a world of this is = that and this is – that, this for them is the most natural thing in the world.

The most disgusting thing to watch is how the parents try to fulfill their unfulfilled deepest desires through their child. The child already burdened with forced schooling, is further burdened with all sorts of coaching classes like dance, music, sports, amongst others the final aim of which is to turn him into a celebrity, a television star. In indulging in this madness what they don’t realize is that the natural strengths of the child are lost. What they don’t understand is that each and every person has his own natural strengths which have to be understood and exploited.

There are of course those who fully understand the madness which is going on, these people have started schools aimed at increasing the Child's natural mental growth. How ever these schools are for those who have money to spare, the fees in such schools are very high. This is again commercialization coming into play, they impart relevant Education, but for a hefty amount. The Gurukul existed only in ancient times and one can only read ans marvel about it.

As of today there seem to be no light at the end of the tunnel, as the Education system is growing and growing like a Dinosaur, which will ultimately collapse under its own weight. The madness in the Indian Education system has to be stopped or the consequences will be severe, as an entire generation will mutate into automation's.


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