How to improve your Marital life

Physical Union is not some technical method or function, which can be done mechanically.Physical Union between a couple, by couple I mean two lovers, man and wife is the most natural thing in the world. Most newlyweds are in a state of utter confusion, about love making. This is not really their fault, it is the mutations which have been created in their minds, through wrong religious preachings,man made scriptures and rules as regards physical activity and health. While embarking upon a new life both husband and wife are well advised to keep the following things in mind.

How can Physical Union be considered a four-letter word or something taboo? If it was something bad and unnatural, wouldn’t God have created some other method for living beings to reproduce? Physical Union is the most natural thing in the world; it is an integral part and parcel of the divine. So don’t believe what religion teaches you and enjoy your love life to the fullest.

Pure Love Union Image in 3D
Pure Love Union

The vibrations, which are created during the entire course of a Physical Union, are of the highest frequency. These frequencies create an energy which is the most powerful and pure energy. Newlyweds have to always keep in mind that the end result of a Physical Union is the creation of a new life or a new energy. So how can this energy which creates a new life be bad or taboo, something which should not be discussed? It’s only because of this energy, that you and everyone else exist don’t they?

Physical Union can be best enjoyed when it is spontaneous, and not pre planned. During spontaneous physical relations, the creative energy gushes out at great force and engulfs you; this is the best and most powerful kind of Physical Union. The active participation of both the partners is essential. If one of the partners is excited and desires to have physical relations on the spur of the moment, the other should respond immediately. During spontaneous love making, the thoughts and plans one has made just fade away, and nothing enters your mind other than the overpowering urge to have a Physical Union with your partner.

It is not always possible for a couple to have physical relations, as and when they desire, due to practical problems, like place, time and the presence of people. The next best Physical Union, next only to spontaneous love making, is the one when both the partners can’t wait to be in a private place. In such union the mind is completely focused on how to be alone and enjoy.The other thoughts are pushed out and only, this over powering physical urge remains.

The third kind of Physical Union is when the spontaneous ness or that overpowering urge is not there. In such cases, it is always advisable to discuss with your partner on how to enjoy and improve your love life. This is the case of couples who have been married for some time. It is advisable to have an open mind, and not to hide anything from your partner. Both partners should actively participate in finding new ways to improve their love life.

Mental fantasies are an integral part and parcel of the human mind. Each and every person has his own unique mental fantasies. Both the partners should share their innermost fantasies in a un inhabited and frank manner. Both the partners should whole-heartedly participate in the fantasies of each other. Again, I must mention here that fantasies cannot be created mechanically, like the wearing of revealing clothes, applying perfumes and other such aids.

Mental fantasies are the desires and want of the inner most mind or the sub-conscious. These fantasies are nothing more than blockages in the flow of energy. If these fantasies are played out, then there is a release of the blocked energy. This realized energy can dramatically improve your general health as well. There is no harm in playing out and enjoying the fantasies of each other, as long as they are not life threatening. If both the partners have the same fantasies there is nothing like it, if not then the other partner should adapt to the role of the active participant and to start believing in that role from the bottom of his/her heart. Both partners should remember that as long as you enjoy them, fantasies should be played out.

The last thing one must remember is that proper exercise and a good diet are as important in improving your marital life, as in improving your general health. The exercise and diet should not be forced, but something which you enjoy doing.

Note- Article written solely for educational purpose to educate people on issues related to physical and psychological health.

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  1. This is excellent advice, especially regarding sexual fantasies. The outlook you present here towards sex is a very healthy and exciting one.


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