What is negative thought?

There is the positive and negative element present in our mental framework. The two opposites exist side by side in our mind. These two poles control our thinking, in the form of the positive thought and the negative thought. Our mind is continuously engaged in a tug of war between the positive and the negative thoughts. These are the two poles always present in our minds without which existence in not possible.

There is a lot of talk about getting rid of all our negative thinking. Way and means are taught about how to cultivate the habit of positive thinking. But to totally get rid of all negative thinking is impossible. Without the negative there would be on such thing as the positive, for the positive to exist there has to be the negative, just like a battery cannot function only on the positive pole, our mind also cannot exist only by being completely positive.

Positive and negative are relative terms, there is no such thing as totally positive or totally negative. The maker of creation certainly knows better than the gurus who teach about how to model your thinking. The purpose behind the creation of the positive and the negative is best known to the creator himself.

There has to be friction between the positive and negative, in order to evolve and move forward. If one looks at the history of mankind one can clearly see how strife and wars lead to the scientific progress one sees everywhere. There can be no progress without friction, and hence evolution would come to a standstill. If the maker had intended to make the universe friction free he would have done so, everyone would then have only the positive quality present in their minds. There would then be no purpose in one’s life, one would live forever without any fear what so ever, no wars, no diseases, and no desires, and in short, life would be a meaningless exercise without any purpose. Such an existence in not possible.

The real purpose in our life is evolution; the human species of which we are part of at the present moment is not the final product. The biggest joke which I have heard is when some people say “God has made man in his own image” Our species will in time give way to another, and the cycle will continue till the final product is created. What the final product will be like is known to the maker himself.

What some years back was science fiction has turned into reality today. I have said it time and again that the Extra Terrestrials sightings, which have been reported time and again, are not Extra Terrestrials, from another solar system or galaxy but they are our descendants from the future. These beings are what man has evolved into in the future, they are another species. Their spacecrafts are time machines, and they are time travelers. This evolution of man has happened due to the friction between the positive and the negative elements, which are and will always be present in the human mind, or in the mind of the subsequent species into which man will evolve into.

Everyone faces problems concerning these two thoughts or voices present in their minds. The question of choice arises, there is confusion and tension. One has to looks at these two voices in an objective manner. By objective manner, I mean that one has to remember that this friction continuously happening in our mind is taking our mind to the next level. This friction is polishing our mind, the same way a shoe has to be polished to get that shine.

If faced with a difficult choice, one has to dig deeper and deeper into the mind in a calm manner without getting tense. As the argument in your mind starts sinking deeper and deeper into your sub-conscious, you will more often than not arrive at the right conclusion. One must remember not to jump to conclusions on the superficial level but to start sinking deeper and deeper into one’s mind.

One must always remember that the friction is the way forward. Without friction, there is no existence and no evolution. This is the way life will always be like.

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  1. I agree with you that so-called negative thinking is misunderstood. It's an integral part of our being and not really negative at all.

  2. But what if somebody gets an excessive compulsive negative thoughts ? It arises with losses and all negatives that have happened in life all throughout ( it has happened mostly negative in life)

    What should one do then?

    Also I get very emotional anxious and then sometimes enraged when these thoughts keep on coming and dominate my mind.

    Please help me get rid of this forever.


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