Extra Terrestrial life means that life which does not have its origins on earth, reports of Extra Terrestrial sightings are present in ancient cultures in Babylon, Assyria, Sumer, Egypt, Arabia, China, India, and South America, where it was merged with the beliefs regarding gods, angels, demons and so on there were theories about Extra Terrestrial life in Greece and Jewish cultures.

According to ancient Hindu texts this has been referred to as multiple universes and multiple cycles of life. In the modern era there are reports of countless Extra Terrestrial sightings. In short the evidence in favor of Extra Terrestrial life sightings is simply overwhelming to be ignored and shrugged off as imagination or hallucinations. Without going into details and figures regarding Extra Terrestrial life I would state that Extra Terrestrial sightings are real.

Extra Terrestrial 3D Artwork Image
Extra Terrestrial 3D
A overwhelming number of Extra Terrestrial sightings report ET’s as beings about four to five feet tall having large heads with large eyes and thin emancipated hands and feet, this is the most common description for Extra Terrestrial life and should not be ignored as there is some truth in this, again a majority of Extra Terrestrial sightings report a spaceship round or oval in shape with blinking lights all around and moving at great speed this also can't be ignored.

Time Machine Artwork Image
Time Machine Art
Now enough of the introduction I come straight to the point on who I think Extra Terrestrial's really are but first let us have a look at some of the every day events in our life which a few years back would have been seen as someone’s fantasy like space travel, computers, mobile phones planes and even cars and numerous such things of everyday use which one takes for granted in short yesterdays fantasy has turned into today’s reality but no one gives it a thought. Now have a look at another fantasy which many harbor that of a Time Machine through which one can go back in time this has been the theme of many a science fiction movie now think why can’t this fantasy turn into realty sometime in the future, and time travelers from the future keep coming back in time.

Yes I am saying that Extra Terrestrial’s are nothing but our descendants from the future coming back in time and the spaceships are nothing but their Time Machines.

Now about the popular images of Extra Terrestrial’s which are based on reported sightings there is also truth in this if you trace the biological evolution of man from the emergence of Homo sapiens as a distinct species from other hominins, great apes and placental mammals, this evolution does not stop here Homo sapiens will further evolve into new forms based on the environmental changes in the future.

The large head is indicative of an extremely developed brain, this is when most of the activity will be brain based, the short stature and emancipated limbs indicate that these body parts will be used less and less and hence will not develop, as the growth will be more brain based.

In the images of the so called Extra Terrestrials or Aliens we can see the future of the human race and what it will be like in the future so when you see and hear about Aliens imagine this is a part of you as it looks in the future.

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  1. They will look the same as us, but be far more intelligent, because they can reach us, but WE cannot reach them.

  2. most of the religion believe there is others life form beside human and what we saw,so we are not alone i guess...

  3. We are among you :)

  4. Hi prophet.
    I think on this one i have to disagree.
    If i would follow your theory ,then as the ancient Sumerians were describing their "gods" as beings of flesh and blood and teaching them every thing,wouldn't they by changing the past have influenced the future also?
    Further more they don't discribe them as little grey men but as human like .
    No i do believe their account of things in their story on the creation of man.
    And i do believe in UFO's as i have witnessed about 10 years ago one morning very early before daybreak (3.30 AM)on a fishing trip an object in the sky performing as no human plane can do ( cutting straight corners ,accelerating at enormous speed and complete standstill ,changing course all the time ).
    I have worked on planes ,i know their possibilities we have nothing that can do what that thing did.

  5. I guess anything is possible but one has one's doubts.

  6. We're just a dot in the vast Universe. Our Milky Way is just one of many galaxies. Of course there is life out there. When i am in a plane i can hardly see my building,,leave alone its inhabitants. So, just imagine how small and insignifant we must seem to some other powers which are out there in space!


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