When will the human race end

Will the human race survive 21 Dec 2012 or the next ten or hundred years, this is the subject on which numerous discussions are going on. A lot of material has been written on these subject, best sellers, articles, expert analysis and so on. How the world will end and with it, the human race is the subject matter of these exercises.

I have written before and am writing once again, that the world is not going to end, nor is the human race going to end anywhere in the foreseeable future. I have based my findings on the science of Hindu Cosmology. According to Hindu Cosmology currently we are in the Kali Yuga, which is 432,000 Human years. Kaliyuga commenced in 3102 B.C.Thus 5102 years have passed and 426888 years of the Kaliyuga still remain. For a detailed explanation, you can see HINDU COSMOLOGY.

The present period of Kaliyuga commenced with the end of the eighth Avatar of Vishnu the Krishna Avatar. The tenth Avatar Kalki Avatar is expected to manifest on earth in the coming future. The coming period of the Kaliyuga will no doubt be a period of changes, destruction as the balance between supply and demand is rapidly changing, as the population increases, and the resources remain stagnant. In such cases, nature intervenes and the balance is restored.

Future Human 3d Image
In the restoration of this balance there is bound to be destruction of human life. What we are going to witness over the coming years is strife, wars, natural disasters, wide spread diseases, which will curtail the growth of population. There will be changes in human consciousness and thinking. The way of life, which we lead today, is going to undergo drastic changes.

These coming challenges will also mark a change or a bend in the natural course of the evolution process of mankind. Gigantic strides in scientific development are expected. What was thought to be fantasy will turn into reality. There will be settlements in space, as science develops rapidly. These will be self-sufficient settlements, where groups of people will settle in order to escape the toxic atmosphere on earth.

The coming years will witness a change in the physical and mental evolution of the human race. This is an unending process and what we know as man today is not the final product, and it would be foolish to think so. The use of the mind will vastly exceed the use of the physical parts of the body. This will make our descendants smaller beings with emancipated limbs and a large head that signifies a larger brain and smaller and emancipated limbs signify lack of physical exercise.

The most common sightings of extra terrestrials always report a small-emancipated being with a large head. These sightings are true and have to be believed. These extra terrestrials are nothing but our descendants, the future of mankind. This will be the way man will evolve. The extra terrestrials do not come from far off planets and galaxies but from the future. These extra terrestrials are the descendants of the human race. And the reported sightings are those of time travelers. The UFO’s are their time machines. These UFO’s are always round or oval shaped machines, which move at fantastic speeds.

Finally, I would like to say that the world will not end nor will mankind be wiped out. The process of evolution will continue forever till all life reaches that state of existence or energy which is the Universal energy. Then only will all things material and living merge into the ultimate energy.


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