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32 Names of Durga-with meaning

Durga is the mother Goddess in the Hindu religion.She is the mother of everything including the Gods.The 32 names of Durga are recited to bring an end to all your difficulties in life.

Durga Mantra
32 Name of Durga Mata in Hindi and English Text
दुर्गा माँ के बत्तीस नाम इन हिंदी एंड इंग्लिश

32Names of Durga
English Translation

Durgaa Durgaartishamanii Durgapadvinivaarinii l
Durgamchchhedinii Durgsaadhinii Durgnaashinii ll
Durgtoddhaarinii Durgnihantri Durgmaapahaa l
Durgamgyaanadaa Durgdaityalokdavaanalaa ll
Durgmaa Durgmaaloka Durgmaatmsvaruupinii l
Durgmaargpradaa Durgamvidya Durgmaashritaa ll
Durggyaansansthaanaa Durgamdhyaanbhaasinii l
Durgmohaa Durgmagaa Durgmaarthsvaruupinii ll
Durgmaasursamhantrii Durgmaayudhdhaarinii l
Durgmaangii Durgmataa Durgmyaa Durgmeshvarii ll
Durgbhiimaa Durgbhaamaa Durgbhaa Durgdaarinii l
Naamaavalimimaam Yastu Durgaayaa Mam Maanvaah ll
Pathet Sarvbhayaanmukto Bhavishyati Na Samshayaah ll
1.Durga The Reliever of Difficulties
2.Durgatirsamini Who puts difficulties at peace
3.Durgapadvinivarin Dispeller of difficult adversities
4.Durgamacchedini, Who cuts down difficulty
5.Durgasadhini The performer of Discipline to expel difficulties
6.Durganasini The Destroyer of Difficulty
7.Durgatoddharin Who holds the whip of difficulties
8.Durgenihantri, Who sends difficulties to Ruin
9.Durgamapaha Who measures difficulties
10.Durgamajñanada Who makes difficulties unconscious
11.Durgadaityalokadavanala Who destroys the world of difficult thoughts
12.Durgama The mother of difficulties
13.Durgamaloka The perception of difficulties
14.Durgamatmasvarupin The Intrinsic Nature of the soul of difficulties
15.Durgamargaprada Who searches through the difficulties
16.Durgamavidya The knowledge of difficulties
17.Durgamasrita The Extrication from difficulties
18.Durgamajñanasam´sthana The continued existence of difficulties
19.Durgamadhyanabhasini Whose meditation remains brilliant when in difficulties
20.Durgamoha Who deludes difficulties
21.Durgamaga Who resolves difficulties
22.Durgamarthasvarupini Who is the intrinsic nature of the object of difficulties
23.Durgamasurasanhantri The annihilator of the egotism of difficulties
24.Durgamayudhadharini Bearer of the weapon against difficulties
25.Durgamangi The refinery of difficulties
26.Durgamata Who is beyond difficulties
27.Durgamya This present difficulty
28.Durgamesvari The empress of difficulties
29.Durgabhima Who is terrible to difficulties
30.Durgabhama The lady to difficulties
31.Durgabha The illuminator of difficulties
32.Durgadarini Who cuts off difficulties

श्री दुर्गाद्वात्रिंशन्नाममाला
दुर्गा माँ के बत्तीस नाम

दुर्गा दुर्गार्तिशमनी दुर्गापद्विनिवारिणी।
दुर्गमच्छेदिनी दुर्गसाधिनी दुर्गनाशिनी॥
दुर्गतोद्धारिणी दुर्गनिहिन्त्री दुर्गमापहा ।
दुर्गमज्ञानदा दुर्गदैत्यलोकदवानला॥
दुर्गमा दुर्गमालोका दुर्गमात्मस्वरूपिणी।
दुर्गमार्गप्रदा दुर्गमविद्या दुर्गमाश्रिता॥
दुर्गम्ज्ञानसंस्थाना दुर्गमध्यानभासिनी।
दुर्गमोहा दुर्गमगा दुर्गमार्थस्वरूपिणी॥
दुर्गमासुरसंहन्त्री दुर्गमायुधधारिणी।
दुर्गमांगी दुर्गमता दुर्गम्या दुर्गमेश्वरी॥
दुर्गभीमा दुर्गभामा दुर्गभा दुर्गदारिणी।
नामावलिमिमां यस्तु दुर्गाया मम मानव:॥
पठेत् सर्वभयान्मुक्तो भविष्यिति न संशय:॥

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