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Ganesha pancharatnam stotram-English Hindi

Adi Shankara the great saint and philosopher of the 8th Century AD composed the Ganesha pancharatnam stotram, dedicated towards Ganesha the God of all beginnings, knowledge, wisdom and all things auspicious in life, the remover of sorrows and dangers.

श्री गणेश पन्चरत्न स्तोत्र इन हिंदी एंड इंग्लिश
Shri Ganesha Pancharatnam Stotra in Hindi and English Text

Ganesha pancharatnam stotram
English Translation

Mudakaraatha Modakam Sada Vimukti Saadhakam l Kalaadharaavatamsakam Vilasiloka Rakshakam l
Anaaya Kaika Naayakam Vinasitebha Daityakam l Nataasubhasu Naashakam Namaami Tham Vinaayakam ll
Natetaraati Bheekaram Navoditaarka Bhaasvaram l Namat Suraari Nirjanam Nataadhi Kaapa Duddharam l
Suresvaram Nidheesvaram Gajesvaram Ganeshvaram l Mahesvaram Samaasraye Paraatparam Nirantaram ll
Samasta Loka Samkaram Nirasta Daitya Kunjaram l Daredarodaram Varam Vare Bhavaktra Maksharam l
Krupaakaram Kshamaakaram Mudaakaram Yasaskaram l Manaskaram Namaskrutaam Namaskaromi Bhaasvaram ll
Akimchanaarti Marjanam Chirantanokti Bhaajanam l Puraari Poorva Nandanam Suraari Garva Charvanam l
Prapancha Naasha Bheeshanam Dhananjayaadi Bhushanam l Kapola Daana Vaaranam Bhajaey Puraana Vaaranam ll
Nitaantikaanta Dantakaanti Mantakaanta Kaatmajam l Achintya Rupa Mantaheena Mantaraaya Krintanam l
Hrudantarey Nirantaram Vasantameva Yoginaml Tameka Danta Meva Tam Vichintayaami Santatamll
Phala Sruti
Maha Ganesa Pancha Rathna Maadharena Yo Anvaham l Prajalpathi Prabhathake Hrudhi Smaran Ganeswaram l
Arogadhamadhosadham Susahitheem Suputhratham l Samahithayurshta Bhoothi Mapyupaithi Sochiraath ll

Meaning Translated by P.R.Ramachander
I salute that remover of obstacles,Who has modakas in his handWho always bestows salvationWho wears a part of moon on his headWho protects this world which is varied,Who is the leader of those who cannot be lead,Who is the cause of destruction of asuras,And who destroys all things which are not good.
I bow before that great Lord permanently,Who creates fear in the enemies of his devotees,Who sparkles like the just risen Sun,Who is saluted by Gods and AsurasWho destroys obstacles of his devotees,Who is the God of all devas,Who is the God of all wealth,Who is the God of all elephants,And who is the leader of the army of Lord Shiva.
I bow to that Ganapati who shines like the Sun,Who bestows peace to all the worlds,Who removed the Gajamukhasura from this world,Who has a very big paunch,Who has an elephant-face which blesses,And who is the one who shows kindnessWho is tolerantWho is full of blessing,And who showers great fame,To those who salute Him.
I salute the very ancient elephant-godWho destroys the wants of the have nots,Who has been worshipped since ancient times,Who is the eldest son of the lord who destroyed cities,Who eats away the pride of the enemies of the gods,Who is awesome at the time of final deluge,Who wears serpents like Dananjaya as ornaments,And who is fierce like the elephant in rut.
I always meditate only on that God with single tusk,,Who is ever lustrous tusk is very pretty,Who is the son of Lord who killed the god of death,Who has a form beyond ones imagination,Who is endless,Who tears asunder all obstacles,And who dwells forever in the heart of Yogis ,Like the season of spring.
Phala Sruti
He, who remembers with respect every morning,These five gems of the great Lord Ganapati,And who meditates in his heart the leader of ganas,Will soon be blessed with a healthy life,Free of all problems, endowed with great peaceGreat sons, longevity and spiritual and physical wealth

श्री गणेशाय नमः
श्री गणेश पन्चरत्न स्तोत्र

मुदाकरात्त मोदकं सदा विमुक्तिसाधकम् l कलाधरावतंसकं विलासि लोकरक्षकम् l
अनायकैक नायकं विनाशितेभदैत्यकम् l नताशुभाशुनाशकं नमामि तं विनायकम् ll
नतेतरातिभीकरं नवोदितार्कभास्वरम् l नमत्सुरारि निर्जरं नताधिकापदुद्धरम् l
सुरेश्वरं निधीश्वरं गजेश्वरं गणेश्वरं l महेश्वरं तमाश्रये परात्परं निरन्तरम् ll
समस्त लोकसंकरं निरस्तदैत्यकुंजरम् l दरेतरोदरं वरं वरेभवक्त्रमक्षरम् ll
कृपाकरं क्षमाकरं मुदाकरं यशस्करम् l मनस्करं नमस्कृतां नमस्करोमि भास्वरम् ll
अकिंचनार्तिमार्जनं चिरन्तनोक्ति भाजनम् l पुरारिपूर्व नन्दनं सुरारि गर्वचर्वणम् ll
प्रपंच नाशभीषणं धनंजयादि भूषणम् l कपोलदानवारणं भजे पुराणवारणम् ll
नितान्तकान्तदन्तकान्ति मन्तकान्तकात्मजम् l अचिन्त्य रुपमन्तहीन मन्तरायकृन्तनम् l
ह्रदन्तरे निरन्तरं वसन्तमेव योगिनाम् l तमेकदन्तमेव तं विचिन्तयामि सन्ततम् ll
महागणेश पंचरत्नम् आदरेण योन्वहम् l प्रजल्पति प्रभातके ह्रदि स्मरन् गणेश्वरम् ll
अरोगितामदोषतां सुसाहितीं सुपुत्रताम् l समाहितायु रष्टभूतिमभ्युपैति सोचिरात् ll

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