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Madhurashtakam-English Hindi

The Madhurashtakam composed by Mahaprabhu Srimad Vallabhacharya (1479-1531), is a perfect example of how the world is seen through the eyes of an enlightened person. Such a person has merged fully into God and is truly in the Non-Dual state of existence. Everything in existence for such a person is God and nothing else.

Vallabhacharya has merged into God whom he sees as Krishna. All his senses perceive everything as sweet,blissful and in in perfect harmony and nothing else. There is no conflict or even a hint of confusion in his mind as he sees the world. This is the perfect harmonious state of existence. Seekers of the Spiritual path can get a glimpse into the mind of a realised person by reading this composition.

Madhurashtakam in Hindi and English Text
मधुराष्टकम् इन हिंदी एंड इंग्लिश 

Madhurashtakam English Translation
Adharam Madhuram Vadanam Madhram Nayanam Madhuram, Hasitham Maduram l
Hrudhayam Madhuram Gamanam Maduram Madhuradhipather Akhilam Madhuram ll
Vachanam Madhuram Charitham Madhuram Vasanam Madhuram, Valitham Madhuram l
Chalitham Madhuram Bramitham Maduram Madhurathipather Akhilam Madhuram ll
Venur Madhuram Renur Madhura Panir Madhura Padhou Madhura l
Nrithyam Madhuram Sakhyam Madhuram Madurathipather Akhilam Maduram ll
Geetham Madhuram Peetham Madhuram Bhuktham Madhuram Suptham Madhuram l
Roopam Madhuram Thilakam Madhuram Madhurathipather akhilam Madhuram ll
Karanam Madhra Tharanam Madhuram Haranam Madhuram, Ramanam Madhuram l
Vamitham Madhura Samitham Maduram Madhurathipather akhilam Madhuram ll
Gunja Madhura Mala Madhura Yamuna Madhura, Veechi Madhura l
Salilam Madhuram Kamalam Madhuram Madhurathipather akhilam Madhuram ll
Gopi Madhura Leela Madhura Yuktham Madhuram, Muktham Madhuram l
Drishtam Madhuram Sishtam Madhram Madhurathipather akhilam Madhuram ll
Gopa Madhura Gavo Madhura Yashtir Madhura, Srushtir Madhra l
Dhalitham Madhram Phalitham Madhuram Madhurathipather akhilam Madhuram ll

Meaning translated by By P.R.Ramachander
Sweet are thine lips, Krishna,
So are thine sweet cherubic face,
Sweet are thine jet black eyes, Krishna
So is thine soulful laugh,
Sweet is thine loving heart, Krishna
So is thine beautiful gait,
Hey king of all sweetness in this world,
Everything about Thee is sweet.

Sweet are thine sweetest words, Krishna,
So is thine divine story.
Sweet is the place of your stay, Krishna,
So is thine greatness,
Sweet are thine movements, Krishna,
So is thine confusion.
Hey king of all sweetness in this world,
Everything about Thee is sweet.

Sweet is thine flute, Krishna,
So is thine foot-dust,
Sweet are thine hands Krishna,
So are thine feet.
Sweet is thine dance Krishna,
So is thine friendship.
Hey king of all sweetness in this world,
Everything about Thee is sweet

Sweet is thine song, Krishna,
So is what you drink,
Sweet is what you eat, Krishna,
So is your sleep,
Sweet are thine looks, Krishna,
So is thine Thilaka,
Hey king of all sweetness in this world,
Everything about Thee is sweet.

Sweet are thine deeds, Krishna,
So is thine path of salvation,
Sweet is thine theft, Krishna,
So is thine play of love,
Sweet are thine oblations, Krishna,
So is thine tranquility,
Hey king of all sweetness in this world,
Everything about Thee is sweet

Sweet is thine necklace of berries, Krishnam
So is thine garland,
Sweet is thine river Yamuna, Krishna,
So are the ripples in the river,
Sweet is thine water, Krishna,
So is the lotus in the water,
Hey king of all sweetness in this world,
Everything about Thee is sweet

Sweet are thine Gopis, Krishna,
So is thine playful sport,
Sweet are thine right thoughts,Krishna,
So is thine salvation,
Sweet is what you see, Krishna,
So is what is left out,
Hey king of all sweetness in this world,
Everything about Thee is sweet

Sweet are thine Gopas, Krishna,
So are thine cows,
Sweet is thine staff, Krishna,
So is thine creation,
Sweet is what you trample, Krishna,
So are thine jokes,
Hey king of all sweetness in this world,
Everything about Thee is sweet

अधुरं मधुरं वदनं मधुरं नयनं मधुरं हसितं मधुरम्।
हदयं मधुरं गमनं मधुरं मधुराधिपतेरखिलं मधुरम्॥
वचनं मधुरं चरितं मधुरं वसनं मधुरं वलितं मधुरम्।
चलितं मधुरं भ्रमितं मधुरं मधुराधिपतेरखिलं मधुरम्॥
वेणुर्मधुरो रेणुर्मधुर: पाणिर्मधुर: पादौ मधुरौ।
नृत्यं मधुरं सख्यं मधुरं मधुराधिपतेरखिलं मधुरम्॥
गीतं मधुरं पीतं मधुरं भुक्तं मधुरं सुप्तं मधुरम्।
रुपं मधुरं तिलकं मधुरं मधुराधिपतेरखिलं मधुरम्॥
करणं मधुरं तरणं मधुरं हरणं मधुरं रमणं मधुरम्।
वमितं मधुरं शमितं मधुरं मधुराधिपतेरखिलं मधुरम्॥
गुन्जा मधुरा माला मधुरा यमुना मधुरा वीची मधुरा।
सलिलं मधुरं कमलं मधुरं मधुराधिपतेरखिलं मधुरम्॥
गोपी मधुरा लीला मधुरा युक्तं मधुरं भुक्तं मधुरम्।
दृष्टं मधुरं शिष्टं मधुरं मधुराधिपतेरखिलं मधुरम्॥
गोपा मधुरा गावो मधुरा यष्टिर्मधुरा सृष्टिर्मधुरा।
दलितं मधुरं फलितं मधुरं मधुराधिपतेरखिलं मधुरम्॥

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