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Aarti Ramayan ki-English-Hindi

The Aarti Ramayan ki is an Aarti dedicated in praise of the ancient Hindu epic the Ramayana.The Ramayana was written by the sage Valmiki. The Ramayana describes in detail the manifestation on earth of Ram who is the seventh Avatar of Vishnu. The real purpose of the manifestation of Ram on earth was to overcome and defeat the forces of evil who were dominant on earth during that period.

The Ramayana describes Ram’s victory over the King of Lanka Ravan, this is the classic victory of good over evil.The Ramayana details the qualities of Ram as the Maryada Purushottama or the perfect man. Ram is one of the most worshipped Gods in the Hindu religion and the Ramayana is probably the most worshipped religious texts.

Ramayan Aarti
The Aarti of Ramayana is recited by devotees in order to instill in themselves the qualities of virtue which are symbolised by Ram.

रामायण आरती हिंदी एंड इंग्लिश
Ramayan Aarti Hindi and English Text

आरति श्रीरामायनजी की।
कीरति कलित ललित सिय पी की॥
गावत ब्रह्मादिक मुनि नारद। बालमीक बिग्यान-बिसारद॥
सुक सनकादि सेष अरु सारद। बरनि पवनसुत कीरति नीकी॥
आरति श्रीरामायनजी की …
गावत बेद पुरान अष्टदस। छहो सास्त्र सब ग्रन्थन को रस॥
मुनि जन धन संतन को सरबस। सार अंस संमत सबही की॥
आरति श्रीरामायनजी की …
गावत संतत संभु भवानी। अरु घटसंभव मुनि बिग्यानी॥
ब्यास आदि कबिबर्ज बखानी। काकभुसुंडि गरुड के ही की॥
आरति श्रीरामायनजी की …
कलि मल हरनि विषय रस फीकी। सुभग सिंगार मुक्ति जुबती की॥
दलन रोग भव मूरि अमी की। तात मात सब बिधि तुलसी की॥
आरति श्रीरामायनजी की ….

English Translation
Aarati Shri Ramayan Ki l
Keerati Kalit Lalit Siy Pi Ki ll
Gaavat Brahmaadik Muni Naarad, Baalmeek Bigyaan Bisaarad ll
Suk Sanakaadi Sesh Aru Saarad, Barani Pavansut Keerati Neeki ll
Aarati Shri Raamaayan Ji Ki ….
Gaavat Bed Puraan Ashtdas, Chhahon Saastr Sab Granthan Ko Ras ll
Muni Jan Dhan Santan Ko Sarbas, Saar Ans Sammat Sabahi Ki ll
Aarati Shri Raamaayan Ji Ki …
Gaavat Santat Sambhu Bhavaani, Aru Ghat Sambhav Muni Bigyaani ll
Byaas Aadi KaviBaraj Bakhaani, Kaakbhusundi Garud Ke Hi Ki ll
Aarati Shri Raamaayan Ji Ki …
Kali Mal Harani Bishay Ras Pheeki, Subhag Singaar Mukti Jubati Ki ll
Dalan Rog Bhav Moori Ami Ki, Taat Maat Sab Bidhi Tulsi Ki ll
Aarati Shri Raamaayan Ji Ki …

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