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Dwadasa Jyotirlinga stotra-English Hindi

The 12 or Dwadasa Jyotirlinga are extremely important place of pilgrimage in India. The ancient Hindu religious text the Shiva Purana, has the description, location and significance of these 12 Jyotirlingas. It is believed in Hinduism that Shiva manifested as divine light in these 12 Jyotirlinga. Jyotirlinga means a linga of divine light.

The worship of the Jyotirlingas has great significance and importance in the Hindu religion. This is the shorter version of the stotra, which is praise or stuti of the 12 Jyotirlinga. It is said that who so ever remembers the 12 Jyotirlanga with sincerity washes away the sins which he has accumulated in his past seven lives.

Shri Dwadasa Jyotirlinga Stotram in Hindi and English Text
श्री द्वादश ज्योतिर्लिंग स्तोत्रं इन हिंदी एंड इंग्लिश 

Dwadasa Jyotirlinga stotra

Saurashtre Somnatham ch, Shri Shaile Mallikarjunam l
Ujjayinyaam Mahakaalam Omkaarmmaleshwaram ll
Paralyam Vaidhnaath ch, Daakinyaam Bhimshankaram l
Setubandhe tu Ramesham, Naagesham Daarukaavane ll
Varanasyaam tu Vishvesham, Trayambkam Gautami Tate l
Himaalaye tu Kedaaram, Dhushmesham ch Shivaalaye ll
Etaani Jyotirlingaani, Saayam Praatah Pathennarah l
Saptjanmkratam Paapam Smarnen Vinashyati ll

Translation by P. R. Ramachander
The twelve Lingas of light are l
Somanatha in Sourashtra, Mallikarjuna in Sri Shailam l
Mahakala in Ujjain,Omkaram in Amaleshwara ll
Vaidhyanatha in Parali,Bhimasankara in South l
Rameshwara near the bridge in Sethu,Nageswara in Daruka forest ll
Visweswara in Varnasi,Trayambakeshwara in the shores of Godavari l
Kedareshwara in Himalayas,And Ghushmesha in Sivalaya ll
He who remembers them,Morning and evening l
Would wash away sins,Committed in his seven births ll

द्वादश ज्योतिर्लिंग स्तोत्र
सौराष्ट्रे सोमनाथं च, श्रीशैले मल्लिकार्जुनम् ।
उज्जयिन्यां महाकालं ॐ कारममलेश्वरम् ॥
परल्यां वैधनाथ च, डाकिन्यां भीमशंकरम् ।
सेतुबन्धे तु रामेशं, नागेशं दारुकावने ॥
वाराणस्यां तु विश्वेशं, त्र्यंबकं गौतमीतटे ।
हिमालये तु केदारं, धुश्मेशं च शिवालये ॥
ऐतानि ज्योतिर्लिंगानि, सायंप्रात: पठेन्नर ।
सप्तजन्मकृतं पापं स्मरणेन विनश्यति ॥

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