Laws of Existence

The thing, which rules our lives, and the thing, which we fear most, is time or Kaal as it is known in Hindi. Time spares none and none can escape or fight it. The entire Universe moves on a preset schedule like our solar system. We spend a lot of time looking at our watches looking at time, waiting for it or waiting for it to pass without really realizing the nature of time.

We live in space and space lives in, just like everything else in the Universe. Space or Akash is the ground on which each and everything in the Universe rests on, it is the ground on which the Universe rests. It is that which binds each and every object in the Universe.

Everything in the Universe is made up of Earth, Water, Air and Fire and bound from inside and outside by space. This everything includes us; we are composed of nothing else but the Five Elements.

Existence is –
The material objects living and nonliving, this includes the planets, solar systems and everything else present in the Universe.
The material objects rest on and in space.
The material objects are subject to time.
Material objects [elements] + Space + Time =Existence.

The law of expansion and contraction applies to all Material objects. Everything in existence expands and contracts. This is the one and only true and real Law of Existence, there is no other law.

The evolution of man from infancy to old age and death is in fact nothing but expansion and contraction of the Five Elements, which make up the Human body. This expansion and contraction is also on the unseen level, which means the intellect and emotions. As we grow up, we start expanding and continue to do so till old age sets in, and expansion stops, when expansion ceases death occurs. This is true of all Material objects.

Time or Kaal is the movement of the expansion and contraction process, which governs all Material objects.

Laws of Existence 3D Image
Laws of Existence

We know the earth, the solar system and everything in this Universe is in a state of constant motion. By this constant motion, everything is expanding and contracting and when this process stops, there is destruction of that particular object or set of objects.

No doubt, the Material objects are destroyed when they cease to expand, they continue to exist in other forms, when the human body ceases to exist it takes other forms like earth or smoke. The four elements Earth, Air, Water and Fire are destroyed and recycled, but the fifth element Space is indestructible and lives on.
The object of this cycle of expansion and contraction is to add strength to the ultimate entity, which remains unknown of which everything Material as well as Time and Space are a part of.
Will the Universe ever end like everything else it contains?
No, Time and Space are indestructible.

The Expansion and Contraction process is a process wherein energy is cycled and recycled to purify it that extent where it matches with the energy of which the Ultimate energy is composed of, and then it becomes one with it. This process will go on and on till an object reaches that level, then only will it cease to exist totally.

When a set of objects reach that state then that set of objects will also cease to exist. When the earth reaches that state it will become dead, when the solar system reaches that state it will also become dead, so also is the case with the galaxies or milky ways.

When a large set of Material objects complete their expansion and contraction process and evolve and merge with the final entity, then only will these objects totally cease to exist. The material left overs will then be sucked in by Black Holes of the relevant sizes. There is also an Omnipresent Black Hole in continuous existence; this Black Hole will then suck in all material objects when the final evolution process or conversion of energy to its purest level is completed.

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  1. After reading much that is posted on your site, I am left wondering just how much truth really exists here. You speak of time and space as being reality, when in fact they are an illusion based on what we are taught. All we really have is now and here. We can only be here and we only have now. Past events were here and they are not now and they are nothing more than memories of what was here now. We bring the world to us based on what we want to see and have. If we cannot see it or feel it, then it does not exist for us. The media has created false illusions of things that have no bearing on our lives unless we allow them in. The future never comes, but instead we bring those things to us that we want to have here and as we lose interest in those things, they cease to exist for us. Physical reality is but one small aspect of what is possible, since everything is energy that can be molded by our thoughts and consciousness. As we change our own vibration to a higher rate, everything in our world also changes, because we each create our own world with our thoughts and words which create the energy to make it all manifest.


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