Future Ageless Humans in Space

Gradually over decades, up in the high orbiting settlements, (thus safe from hateful conservative foes back down on Earth), good genetics experts developed and improved ways to truly have improved better genes &/or their controling DNA sections replace prior inferior old naturally evolved ones in matured trial experimental small test lab mammals such as mice. Much of this became trying to benefit them with disease resistant longer healthier lives, as well as with more efficient good cell functions.

Such genetics experts eventually modified their genetics replacement or insertion methods to become able to give selected better genetics as wanted to past adult settlers. Sometimes such replaced genes &/or their controling DNA sections were simply the natural best versions found already evolved within some genetically quite natural past humans. Often such replaced or new genetics covered recent results arising from advanced genetics R&D (research & development), such as good for achieving aging slowed or even somewhat age reversed better senior moderns.

Unsurprisingly, the R&D genetics experts were happy to be among the first normal human genetics settlers to now gain within their cells such recent good beneficial improved genetics.

Various recently devised better refined genetics for a variety of cell improvements could now at last be given to old adult moderns. And some recent genetic features, like for gradually gaining enhanced sexy responses, maybe from caresses given over a few places like the upper chest, were made available for past adult moderns envious of this benefit now being provided for ever more new babies. Of course years were needed for increasing sensory responses to fully take effect. But that was ok. The senior moderns were patiently contented to wait a few years if needed. Then they would become more unified with the best new moderns.

Several older moderns also became happy to be offered some recent fun things such as having childish tickle responses reactivated. They generally much loved no longer being left ever more regressively farther behind by new increasingly improved moderns. Now all off-Earth moderns could end up living somewhat ageless in wonderful health for lots of happy centuries!

And now even better for such early or even recent moderns, when future genetic improvements would become well devised and refined, existing adult moderns could often before long all have themselves likewise nicely genetically improved. This was of course better for gaining more fully unified ever happier moderns.

And this gradually began tempting some ordinary settlers to gradually become slowly transformed into moderns, superior over ancient natural evolved humans.

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