Genetically Improved Humans Leave Earth in Future

Since the investors group caring for the initial robotically produced Earth orbiting cylinder settlement, then also for a Fullball world, had recently gotten one, then many more geostationary cable lift systems assembled robotically from sent asteroids materials loads, this had kept their construction costs low, keeping such lifts comparatively cheap to use.

This let Earth "moderns", (genetically improved over ordinary humans), leave Earth at about 1% of rocket lift costs, to now reach the new robotically assembled secret Earth-Luna L2 Fullball world nicely orbiting monthly forever well hidden from Earth behind Luna.

Thus some moderns with earnings from recent inventions they's sold on Earth, established a fund to help those wishing for a ride up a cable lift, to then move into the secret Earth-Luna L2 Fullball new 3D balloon world primarily for moderns. This would let even the poorest Earth moderns now also secretly move up here. At the same time, most moderns who'd earlier moved up into the high Earth orbiting settlements also moved here to L2.

A few moderns on Earth felt safe enough staying as they'd been living. This let some be agents for moderns off Earth, communicating when needed via one of the microgridded wave front panels cubes at the L4 & L5 Lagrangian points 60deg before or after Luna in its orbit, or sometimes via the additional communications cube at L3. Sometimes a patent for a recent invention would be established with one of the safest trusted Earth companies.

Up in the new Earth-Luna L2 Fullball world, with health being improved ever better, and aging declining, the less dying population would eventually grow a bit extra. With robotic serving devices taking care of many daily chores, moderns had extra free time they could give to study and maybe improve some recent good developments. Some could help DNA R&D (research & development) experts trying new genetic improvements. Some such experts had already decided to move up here out to L2, (once highly trusted enough to have been very secretly told about it). They liked the robotically served easy safe living up here. They were well helped getting good new R&D labs well established. Moderns were happy to let them test new developments within themselves, easier to openly do much more extensively up here than when restricted back on Earth.

Better health methods and other genetic improvements kept being improved, including for slowing and even somewhat reversing any old aging beyond mid 20s. This was needed for the earliest now oldest moderns, who happily cooperated with wanted genetic tests and with new trials.

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