Future Cylinder Sea in Outer Space

As was usually done after new (very low cost) major robotic constructions, the robotic equipment used while forming the new bigger high Earth orbiting cylinder settlement was simply saved here (for possible much later future uses). This increasingly tempted some settlers considering having formed nearby some big orbiting refuge for Earth life, such as an imagined cylinder sea.

Some settlers discussed this more with the investors group responsible for the high orbiting settlements. Source asteroids for robotic refining and constructions had enough available capacity to gradually, over decades to centuries, form all which might be needed for such a conceived unique new big cylinder Sea. Thanks to the recently completed geostationary cable lift system, lots of needed sea water for such a Cyl sea could now be cheaply raised in lots of loads from Earth.

A team of the settlers thus eagerly began assembling and improving Cyl Sea design details. Another team began carefully devising programs with revisions needed for possibly robotically achieving all needed for such a hugely massively different new very big project. Cyl Sea could be made with many islands, to be much enjoyed during visits by settlers from their (new bigger) cylinder settlement.

For any orbiting sea life habitats refuges, some affordable way was needed to get not only lots of loads of sea water, but also many collected sea and island life samples etc., all delivered to the geostationary cable lift base on Earth. But the cable's Earth anchor site was a good distance from the ocean.

Many Fullball world settlers joined the cylinder settlers' teams scheming all this, since they had also been agreeing it would be nice to try gaining some huge quite close high orbiting sea life refuge, such as a very big ring sea with their far smaller Fullball world motionless at its center.

For all the needed ocean water, best seemed to be to use wide water pipes joined able to finally reach the distant ocean from the cable lift's Earth base. Such pipes could be made on Earth and shipped there, or robotically made virtually free on source asteroids, sent to Earth, then lowered down the cable lift (even giving the cable lift generated descent energy).

Some settlers could take the lift down to give many weeks or months for collecting sea and island life samples. Or some new folks approved to become high orbiting settlers could earn (from current settlers) partial payments for their future new homes above, by doing much of this before moving up off Earth. They could also be helped by some robotic equipment sent down the cable lift.

This is a guest post. Questions? Ask Iwas.A.Member@gmail.com. If interested in much more about advanced future folks living quite well in space, ask for DOS compressed email attached FBW.Z

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