Future Space Geostationary Height Orbits

The investors group which had earlier had the 2 space settlements robotically formed orbiting Earth quite high, had been considering alternative ways for interested Earth folks to more cheaply become new high orbiting settlers. Rocket rides were expensive, maybe 20 times costlier to achieve geostationary height than if using an early proposed geostationary cable lift. Costly payments had to be given to one of the few nations constructing and launching such big rockets, (not profiting the settlements investors).

A convenient height for several specially made Earth orbiting things was termed geostationary height. Up at geostationary orbit height, things would orbit Earth once during each 24hr Earth day. Thus an object up in such a geostationary height orbit, if orbiting around Earth's axis in the same direction as Earth was turning, while orbiting parallel to Earth's equator, then that object would conveniently stay permanently stationary effectively weightless up high above one fixed Earth surface point.

Geostationary height orbits had been very convenient for communications satellites. Then places around almost half of Earth would nicely always be able to forever stay stably well aimed, pointing to such a satellite's fixed position at all times, all days, all year, great for thus convenient stably fixed direction transmitted communications at any time of any day. And for other Earth places, 2 more such communications satellites 120 deg. before or after it in orbit could communicate with the other such satellites to then let folks communicate via them all around Earth.

It had been theorized that if a cable lift could be made from some very strong materials able to reach way far down from 24 hour orbit height 35,790km, and then be attached to some anchoring site maybe not awfully far from the equator, this would allow an all-day usable stable cable lift. Then such a geostationary height cable lift system would offer a good easy way to raise and toss out satellites, without needing big massive costly rocket lifts.

Rockets were always atmosphere polluting. Each inefficiently required new materials refined on Earth, then construction for all new multistage rocket components (plus fuel). During each rocket lift, their big initial stages got disconnected and dropped off to fall back through the atmosphere, simply wasted likely crashing down into the ocean or maybe onto a mountain or desert wilderness.

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