Shabar Mantra for Irregular Menstruation

Irregular Menstruation is a widespread medical condition in a large percentage of the women population of the world.  The causes may vary from mental tension to improper food. However, such a chronic condition causes a lot of mental turmoil. In this post is given an Indian Shabar Health Mantra to give relief to those women having irregular periods.

The Mantra Vidhi Take a piece of Aadrak [Ginger] in your hand, chant the mantra given below 7 times, and then blow your breath on the ginger piece to infuse it with the potency of the mantra.  Then give that infused piece of ginger to the woman having an irregular monthly cycle to eat.

A Hindu Shabar Mantra to cure irregular menstruation
Shabar Mantra for Irregular Menstruation

As you will note the mantra invokes the Mother Goddess as Mansa Devi. In this post, I have given all the required information and that is all that is needed to practice this Mantra Sadhana.

This mantra is in response to a number of queries for the same from women readers, wishing to resolve this problem.

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  1. Dear Neel Ji
    How many days this should be done?
    Thank you

    1. The Mantra Sadhana has to be done only once as given in the post.
      It can be repeated again in the next monthly cycle.

    2. Sir,at what time should I chant ,which colour clothes to wear while chanting and can I chant this mantra for my self

    3. I'm doing tui right now today is sunday and 25/07/21 thanku guru ji

  2. Replies
    1. Time and clothes while chanting the Mantra do not matter, you can chat the Mantra for yourself, by infusing the Adrak as mentioned in the article and then eating it.

  3. Kya yeh remedy koi se b din ir time ko kr skte hai??

  4. Sir g
    I m 36.hv menses problem.dont get menses .if get by hormone body cant digest such medicines.always hv bad stomach. help me out wth respective mantras.

  5. If my wife is to practice this remedy,
    1) should this be performed during MP or after MP ?
    2) can someone else like me perform the remedy and thereafter give her the ginger to eat ?
    3) size of the ginger, whether it should be peeled off or without being peeled ?
    4) breadth should be blown over ONCE AFTER reciting 7 times or 7 times ie after each recitation ?

    1. As this Mantra is dedicated to Mansa Devi the remedy should be performed before or after the Monthly Cycle.
      You can perform the remedy by taking a small sized piece of ginger, chanting the Mantra 7 times, blowing your breath once over the ginger and then giving it to your wife.

  6. Sir, is this mantra cure uterine fibroid or heavy periods?

    1. Yes, you can can attempt this Mantra Remedy to resolve all kinds of Monthly Cycle related issues.

    2. Thanks for your reply Sir.

  7. Thanx neel. Can we chant this mantra everyday till we get periods. I miss for two months too

    1. It is better to perform the Mantra Experiment just once with full faith and repeated if needed in the coming months.

  8. Sir, unfortunately I haven't got the desired result though I have done it since 5 months. May I try the Hanuman mantra along with preparing and eating karela sabzi as posted the same in one of your suggestion to get rid of the following fibroid issue? Please suggest.

  9. My sister has got cervical erosion (wound like) doctor says tissues find inside the cervix developed on the mouth of cervix. Which causes abnormal bleeding and sticky discharge. Also she has chocolate cysts on both overies. Kindly suggest some remedy.


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