Geostationary Height Cable Lift in Space

A geostationary height cable lift could nicely replace many big (costly) massive air polluting rocket lifts. Then something cable lifted could have with it merely a small rocket or ion jet to adjust it into some wanted orbit, or to alter some higher orbit to then reach Luna, Mars, Venus, etc.

Several nations had debated constructing a geostationary cable lift. But making one would cost time and money to create all needed parts, then cost more to make & launch rockets to get all raised up high. A geostationary height central station would first need to have all its parts and the starting cable sections raised to a high 24 hour Earth orbit. That's up at 35,790km height + 6,378.4km equator radius = 42,168.4km = 6.6188 * equator radius (above Earth's axis). (Satellites and space shuttles may orbit at least up at 420km.)

Also needed was a much higher massive supporting counterweight to keep stretched up a longer high cable section. This would reach out maybe to 144,000km height, 3.0 times more up outside geostationary height. This would give upward cable tension to support lifting things up from Earth. Then above the geostationary height station, things could be allowed to slide out higher, gaining more speed, like to reach even far out planets, or even escape our entire Solar system, freely gaining enough speed from the increasing centrifugal force from turning Earth, while sliding out along the outer cable section!

But by now, most Solar system space exploration etc. conveniently didn't often require orbiting astronauts. New wanted space exploration was instead being conveniently achieved long term by ever more advanced unmanned robotically adaptable satellites or vessels, remotely controled by folks safely comfortably working back down on Earth.

The investors group which had gotten two high orbiting settlements robotically formed, had greatly reduced costs for things they had robotically assembled in space on their chosen good sized M-type (metal rich) asteroids. Thanks to some subtasks assigned to some high orbiting settlers, (to pay for their homes and easy living up in the high orbiting settlements), work on those asteroids was by now mostly monitored and improved by them, at little cost to the investors. They used Solar light to electricity converters, for robotically refining asteroid materials, and then to prepare and accomplish any wanted tasks and produce parts and special products etc., to be sent out wherever wanted, at extremely low prices. This could be done for all needed to form a cable lift, having its center big station allowing people way up at geostationary height.

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