Ekakshi Nariyal - A Symbol of Laxmi

Ekakshi Narial or the One-Eyed- Coconut, a rare kind of coconut, is considered in India as the symbol of the Wealth Goddess Laxmi. It is also used in some Tantric Rituals; including Aghori, the ones like exorcism of spirits and malefic entities.

There are various ways in which this Coconut is used in everyday worship; the method usually depends upon the local traditions and customs. In this post, I would like to mention a simple form of worship of the Ekakshi Narial to appease Laxmi.

The Ekskshi Narial is kept in a Copper Kalash in the Puja Place. A little bit of water is put in the Kalash and the Narial is placed on top of it with portion of eye facing upwards. Every morning the water in the Kalash is offered to a Tulsi Plant and fresh water put in its place. Every Friday the Kalash is washed and cleaned.

Apart from the daily ritual mentioned above, it is also considered aspicious, to simply keep the Ekakshi Nariyal in the Cupboard.

The Ekakshi Nariyal has the under mentioned attributes according to the Tantra
Laxmi Prapti
Recovery of money and freedom from debts
Shatru Nash or annihilation of enemies and protection from dangers
Progress in trade, business and progress in employment and being transferred to desired location.
Marriages of girls and boys marriageable age.
Having Progeny

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  1. can you post an image of an actual ekakshi nariyal ?
    Many shops sell items they claim to be this type of coconut .
    It will be very nice if you post the real image .

  2. when you say, keep tha nariyal on top of "it" what exactly do you mean? do you mean, submerged in water, with the eye facing up? or on top of the kalash with water in it..meaning not submerged?? can you please clarify?

    1. The Ekakshi Nariyal should be kept on top of the Kalash with the eye facing upwards.

  3. Sir where we get this nariyal in puja stores


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