Tantrik Experiments using Laxmi Cowrie

The Laxmi Karak Kawadi or Laxmi Cowri is considered an important Tantric Item because it is a symbol of Laxmi and hence believed to possess certain paranormal powers. There are 5 important Tantric Prayogs conducted using the Laxmi Cowri which I have given in this post. These are like most of the Laxmi Sadhanas Satvik Experiments.

1] For problems in Job from Superiors   Immerse 3 or 5 Cowris in a flowing water body like a river or sea taking the name of the Boss or the Superiors who are creating problems for you. After doing this Sadhana take the Darshan of Ganesha by visiting a Ganesh Mandir.

2]Progress in Business   Keep 11 Cowris in the Cash Box and worship them every Friday by offering flowers and Agarbatti.

3] Peace and Abundance in your Home   Keep 6 Cowris in the Southern Side of your home taking the name of your Kuldevta, if you do not know the name of your Kuldevta, take the name of your favorite Deity.

4] Protection from Accidents  Keep 3 Cowris in your Pocket, while travelling.

5] Obstacles in Business or Domestic Life   Immerse 11 Cowris in a flowing water body taking the name of your Kuldevta, if you do not know about your Kuldevta then take the name of your favored Deity.

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  1. Where are these cowris available? Please tell the names of the dealers or sellers and the approximate expenses in buying the cowris. Also please tell if something addition needs to be done to energise these cowris after procuring them from some source.

    Thanks and regards.

    Vivek Mathur

  2. Dear Neil Ji,
    I want to know what is laxmi Cowrie,
    if i am not wrong is that i can get it near the sea,

  3. For protection from accidents, do we have to use three new laxmi cowries every time, or we can use the same ones every time?

  4. how to keep cowris by taking the name of my favourite god?,laxmi cowri is different from other cowris?,if yes please describe how it differs from other cowris,i mean any specific color or shape.thank you sir...

  5. Namaste guru ji,
    Could you pls elaborate when and at what timing these laxmi cowrie use in 5no experiment

    1. Time is not an issue, you can perform the experiment any time of the day.


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