Simple way to do Laxmi Sthapana

In this post I will explain how a even a layman can himself do Laxmi Sthapana in his house,  on his own without taking the aid or services of a priest. Laxmi Sthapana means establishing Laxmi in your home. Many people do this by installing a Laxmi Murti, Laxmi Yantra or Shri Yantra in their Puja Place by performing Vedic Rituals.

The Laxmi installation procedure explained in this post is a tried and tested one and the benefits of this Sthapana have been experienced by many devote Hindus. The Sthapana can be done on any Friday or even on any auspicious occasion of Laxmi; like Laxmi Pujan.

As the Sthapana is done by you yourself, it will be even more potent than some of the prescribed rituals. Now the Laxmi Sthapana – Keep a Katori; any kind will do; however it must be clean and shiny. Then keep some currency coins in that Katori and put some Red Kumkum on the coins and say a small prayer that you are installing Laxmi at home and may she always bless you and be present in your home.

Then the next day after coming back home from work put some more coins into the Katori. In this manner when the Katori becomes full, convert the coins into currency notes and keep the notes in your cupboard. Repeat the same procedure over and over again, there is no need to say the prayer again, but remember never to keep the Katori empty. The money you have thus saved can be used for any good and pure purpose or it can be used in an emergency.

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  1. pranam guruji,
    thanku u sir i have tried this and it has paid dividence to me . but sir i have done a stapna 10 months back , and following the procedure since then but do we have to do the stapna again after one year or jest keep on repeting the procedure , plz reply sir as i have already tried this

    1. There is no need to do the Laxmi Sthapana again, you can conntinue the same procedure

  2. Pranaam Gurujee!
    Gurujee pls advice if by fault if the katori remains empty is there will be any bad effect and what to do to come out from that effect.
    Pls reply Gurujee. Thanks

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Dear Sir,

    Can we keep coins with us only after we convert them to notes?

    1. Once the Katori becomes you can convert the coins into currency notes and these notes can be used.
      Then once again start putting coins in the Katori.

  5. Dear Sir,
    One more thing,
    Is it ok if we pick the katori to clean or once we keep we have to keep there only?

    Amit Ranat

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Hello Gurujee
    Can other family members like mother or husband also add coins to the katori and if the katori needs to be place in the same place where the siddhi is done or can keep it some other place as well.
    Please help. Thanks

    1. Yes, all family members can practice the Sadhana together.

  8. Dear Sir,
    Is it ok if we by mistake due to some reason forget to put coins one day than can we put another day?

    1. Yes, you can always do that, if you forget to put the coins on any particular day.

  9. Dear Sir,
    Once when katori is full and we make it empty by exchanging the coins with notes do we have to again put Kumkum when starting again? And notes we can put it in cupboard or have to keep it there only?

  10. Dear Sir,
    Once the katori is full and we exchange it with notes, do we have to put kumkum again in katori before putting coins?

    Amit Ranat


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