Surya Mantra Aradhana for Success

The Surya Mantra Aradhana for success is an experiment for those who are unable to complete any task properly and those who are going through the transit of planets which are adverse in their horoscope. This Sun Mantra also removes negativity from the mindset and mental framework of a depressed person.

This Sadhana has to be started on a Friday falling in the Shukla Paksha of a Hindu Lunar Month and conducted for 7 consecutive days; between 6.00 AM and 9.00 AM. The devotee has to stand beneath a Banyan Tree; face the Sun and while chanting the Surya Mantra given here apply some of the Latex of the Banyan tree on his or her forehead as a Tilak.

Then he has to offer a mixture of some Water and Milk to the Banyan tree. Ladies should avoid this Prayog during their monthly cycle.

Hindu Surya Mantra Aradhana for Success
Surya Mantra Aradhana for Success

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  1. Hi Sir,

    Can we do this under any tree , as there are no banyan trees in UK .
    Thanks for helping us with your knowledge .

    Thanks & Regards.

  2. I was looking for some guidance on this mantra for a long time, please answer some of my doubts .

    1. How much should be the japa amount ? In a book called mantra rahasya , ten thousand japa is prescribed .
    2. If we have to do japa , then can we sit , or it is compulsory to stand .
    3. Which mala would be ideal for japa- Red Sandalwood , Sphatik or any other ?

    1. This is a specific Surya Mantra Sadhana, which uses this Surya Mantra.
      For this Sadhana, what is mentioned in the post is essential.
      Mala is not specified because for this Sadhana the Mantra has to be chanted during the period specified in the post and Mantra Chants do not have to be counted.

    2. Pranam,

      Can the number of chants be 108 as minimum.


    3. I have not mentioned any Minimum number of Mantra Chants, it all depends upon the practitioner and how comfortable he is while Chanting the Mantra.

  3. can we chant the mantra sitting under bargad tree.

  4. Bargard Tree in English is called the Banyan Tree.


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