Navarna Durga Mata Yantra

Today is Dussehra as the festival of Navaratri concludes today. I take this opportunity to wish all our readers and subscribers a very happy and prosperous Vijayadashami. On this auspicious occasion I am writing about a extremely potent and strong Navarna Durga Mata Yantra to worship the Mother Goddess.

The Goddess of this Yantra is Durga Mata who is the fearsome form of Parvati Mata. The Yantra comprises of the Navarna Beej Aksharas of the Divine Mother. The Goddess protects all those who worship her through this Yantra. The Yantra ensures Badha Nivaran, protects the worshipper from evil energies, and gives victory over enemies, success in court matters, elections, sports competitions and victory over competitors. The Yantra also removes Vastu Dosh; if any from your home.

The Yantra can be prepared on copper or gold or written on white paper or Bhojpatra with Kesar or Rakta Chandana. Then the Yantra has to worshipped by offering it red flowers, red Kumkum and Dhoop- Deep and an offering of sweets.

Any Durga Mantra can be chanted 108 times for the Prana Pratishta. Then the Yantra can be kept in the pocket, purse, a locket or even inserted in a ring.

The worshipper has to be sincere and devoted towards Durga Mata. The worship will work for rightful and unselfish purposes only.

A most powerful Yantra to worship the Goddess Durga
Navarna Durga Mata Yantra

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  1. can I use the red ink to write this yantra. If only kesar is to be used what do I use to write the yantra. I want to know whether any wooden stick will be fine.

  2. Sir , the yantra in this post and in the 'Most powerful gaytri yantra' are same but Deities and procedures are different. Please clear .my doubt if you can. I shall be extremely thankful.

  3. Sir please clarify my dilima regarding similarity of this yantra and most powerful gayatri yantra, as deities and procedures are different but drawing is same. Sir I am curious to know as I believe that these yantras are good for my benefit. Sir please please clarify

    1. Multiple Sadhanas can be performed by using the same or similar Yantras or Mantras.
      The benefits for each experiment are given in the individual articles, hence you can follow any method which you like or the method which suits you.

    2. Neel Sir, your prompt advice/ reply has lifted my spirits. Thanks for enlighting the masses.

  4. If I want to prepare the Navarna Durga Mata Tantra on white paper, can I use normal red ink or saffron ink as it is not mentioned in the post.

    1. Kesar or Rakt Chandana ink has been given in the post.

  5. Can i use aim hrim klim chamundayai vicche namah to do prana pratishta?

    1. Yes, you can use that Devi Mantra for this purpose.

  6. Replies
    1. That is unadvisable, if you want to use the Yantra, it is better to wear is as described in the article.

  7. Dear Sir
    Is navarna and nivarna has same meaning? Can you make this yantra any day or just on Dashara? PLEASE REPLY
    Thank you

    1. On Dussehra or any other auspicious occasion, look up the meanings in google search.

  8. Dear neel ji
    If we were to insert this yantra in a ring
    Can we make it on a white paper and can it be small in size that is small white paper so that it can be inserted in ring

    Which type of ring is used

    1. It should be made on Bhojpatra as given in the post, copper, silver, ashtadhatu or gold ring can be used.

  9. But neel sir if we are using ring how can we insert bhojpatra in it. Is there any special ring available
    It is also given in post that blank white piece of paper can be used

  10. Is it mandatory to recite that "Shakti Mantra" daily ? Neel N Ji, reply fast.


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