Remedies to Keep evil from entering the house

Some interesting remedies practiced in most parts of India to keep the evil-eye, buri-nazar, black magic or any kind of Tamas- Tantra; from entering the house are given here in this post. The items used in these remedies get spoiled after a passage of time; in such cases they must be replaced and old Tantric Items should be immersed in any water body.

The most common paranormal remedy to ward off harmful energies is a Black Cloth Doll is hung upside down, in an outside corner of the main door.

A Coconut, with the Green Skin on is removed from the tree and directly wrapped and tied in a Red Colored cloth. Then this Coconut is wrapped and hung at an elevated position in the house; facing the main entrance or it can be kept in a Cupboard. Care should be taken that the Coconut does not touch the ground; if it does touch the ground by mistake, it must be replaced.

A Petha Kaddu; Ash Groud in English; preferably of a rounded shape is wrapped and tied in a Red Colored Cloth and then this Petha Kaddu is hung in a outside corner of the main door of the house.

These remedies do not require any kind of Puja- Archana; all the practitioner has to do is to take the name of his Preferred Deity while practicing these remedies.

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  1. someone also told me to hang garlic outside of the door, it also helps, does it ?

  2. I saw garlic buds at my at saturday..what does it mean


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