Simple Remedies for Heart Patients - 2

These are some more simple Indian remedies to control and aid in curing Heart diseases.  These remedies are from the numerous unique such remedies which are part of the traditional Indian Folk Medicine and Healing practices which are still being prescribed by traditional Healers in India. However I would advise you to consult your Doctor before practising any of these remedies.

1] 1 teaspoon of Dry Ginger Powder and 1 teaspoon of Honey mixed in a cup of water and consumed gives good results in controlling Heart Ailments.

2] 1 tablespoon of the juice of Onion mixed is thoroughly with 1 teaspoon of Sugar and 1 teaspoon of Fresh Butter. This mixture is also used in India to treat Heart patients.

3] About 40 Gram Fenugreek Seeds are powdered to prepare a fine paste. This paste is mixed with twice the amount of water and Honey is added to it and then consumed.The quantity of Honey can be a maximum of 1 teaspoon or less depending upon the taste preferences of the patient.

Disclaimer = All remedies are given as a part of endeavour to impart knowledge about traditional Indian Healing Methods and not to advocate their use or as a replacement for any ongoing medical treatment.

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