Exorcism Tantra for Possessed Person

Practitioners of the Paranormal in India are of the opinion that if a person suddenly falls sick; the illness cannot be diagnosed; if medicines or any other kind of medical treatment fail to have effect; the person becomes extremely restless; then there is a strong possibility that he is possessed by some evil entity like a Ghost or Harmful Spirit. There is an exorcism rite which is used by practitioners of the Tantra to remove the evil entity. In this post I will explain how this Exorcism Tantra is conducted to exorcise a sick person.

A Cake of Cow dung along with some Wood is burnt to ash. Then the ash is collected in a plate and a little bit of Water is added to it, so that the ash turns into a thick paste. Then the paste is shaped like a Rounded Ball.

Once the Ball has been prepared a Copper Coin in inserted inside the Ball. Then a Iron Nail is pushed inside it. Then the Ball is kept in a plate and 7 drops of Water are dropped on it. After this 7 Tilak of Kumkum are applied on the Ball. The Exorcism Item is ready for use.

This ritual has to be practiced at Sunset. The Exorcism Ball has to be taken in the right hand and an Utara of the possessed person has to be done by rotating the Ball around his body. This Utara has to be done 21 times in all.

And finally the Exorcism Ball has to be taken to a Street Corner and kept there and while coming back to his home the practitioner should take utmost care not to glance back over his shoulder even once.

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  1. im seeing a muslim girl in my dreams(nightmares) almost everyday. can u help

  2. does this method leave someone else vulnerable due to a possible bad influence of the ball? Just curious.


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