Hanuman Mantra for safety from Snow Storms

This is an ancient Shabar Hanuman Mantra for safety from Snow Storms. Such powerful mantras were mastered by the extremely advanced Yogis of ancient India. Such Sadhanas and Prayogas are extremely difficult to master in today’s times when malefic and weak frequencies are dominant in the atmosphere' remember if are in the Age of Darkness. Nevertheless I will explain in this post how this Sadhana was practiced and mastered for the benifit of someone who is a highly advanced Sadhak.

Mastery -As mentioned above some ancient Yogis were spiritually in a very advanced state of existence and hence the Shabar Navnath Tantra says that they had only to fully memorize this Mantra to get Siddhi over it. The word used is Kanthastha Siddhi; meaning mastery if memorized by heart. Along with Hanuman the mantra invokes Shiva, Parvati and the Navnath Masters.

The procedure for use – When the Yogi was travelling in an isolated or hostile region and if there was a snow or hail storm, he would pick up 5 pieces of the Hail or Snow particles and sprinkle some blood from the ring finger of his right hand and chant the Hanuman Mantra given here; this infused the 5 pieces of Snow with the frequencies of the mantra. Then he would fling these infused pieces of Snow in the direction of a mountain or river.

This Prayog was said to ensure that the Yogi was never troubled by the Snowstorm and the Snow or Hailstorm would change course and fall in the direction of the mountain or river.

काली बिलाईया लजवत पूंछ, उस पर बैठा हनुमंत वीर इसी वक्त पहाड ही पहाड नदी ही नदी चली जा मेरी आन मेरे गुरु की आन ईश्वर गौरा पार्वती महादेव की दुहाई ||
Kali Bilaaeyaa Lajvat Poonch, Us Par Baitha Hanumant Veer Isi Wakt Pahaad Hi Pahaad Nadi Hi Nadi Chali Ja Meri Aan Mere Guru Ki Aan Ishwar Gaura Paarvati Mahadev Ki Duhai ||

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