Vashikaran Experiment using Gurmar Herb

Gudmar or Gurmar;  as it is known in Hindi,  the botanical name of which is Gymnema Sylvestre with the common English names Cowplant or Australian Cowplant,  is an Herb which is used in traditional Indian medicine. Today I will tell how it is used in the Tantra of Vashikaran for the purpose of enchantment and attraction.

I have given in this post two simple experiments, one to enchant an enemy and make him forget his animosity towards you and the other to put a lover under a spell of attraction. Both are one time single use experiments.

Vashikaran of Enemy Place a root of the Gurnar Plant inside the home of the enemy on any Tuesday; this put him under your enchantment spell and forget the enmity.

Vashikaran of Lover  Give him or her some juice of the root of Gurnar to drink, 10 Grams will do; this will put him or her under an attraction spell. As the plant is used in curing diseases like diabetics in traditional Indian medicine, consumption of the juice will have no side effects.

Please don’t ask me questions like where to find or purchase Gurnar, I have given the simplified procedure in the post and there is nothing more to add. I can’t vouch for the success or failure of any of these Tantric Tonas and Totkas nor do I ask anyone to put them into actual practice.

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  1. Respected Neel Sir,
    I've gone through lots of post of this web, and thankful for it. But I've heard that only reciting mantras by reading from some
    book or other source can't get you mastery over it & you
    need a guru, who provides you this mantra as a gurumantra
    then only the sadhna can be completed & one gets mastery
    over mantra. I just wanted to ask you, Is that true? And if
    not, what is the right procedure to start a sadhna to get
    mastery over some mantra? Kindly reply me as soon as
    possible. I'll be highly grateful to you.

  2. write the mantra in white piece of paper and keep over infront of your fav diety or idol in temple or home ,which you want to get mastery then keep crisscrossed leg then tell loudly 11 times that mantra which you want to get mastery then pray the god for success then you will get diksha by god ,god is supreme he is teacher then start chanting with suitable asana and with japa mala as the procedure this clears your doubt know

    1. You are wrong without kaula guru none can achive diksha

  3. to "tejashwini ns" thanx for your advice, but my question is not about only above post. I would like ask you.
    "have you tried any single mantra for getting siddhi over it?" have you any success story or any live experience using it? If yes kindly share, so that i can belive your statement.
    thnx in advance for it if yes.

  4. Dear Neel sir,
    Because of curiosity I want to ask you a question on the post - Vashikarana experiment using Gurmar herb (Friday November 1, 2013) -
    In the part of "Vashikaran of lover" you have mentioned that some juice of gurmar root should be given to the lover (10 grams is enough). Here 10 grams of gurmar root or juice of gurmar root? How to prepare the juice of gurmar root (from 10 grams)? When it has to be given? Is there any specific day/time as you specified the day to plant the gurmar plant in enenmy's home etc..!! Can sugar be added to the juice of gurmar?
    (I am not interested in vashikarana of anybody. But I got these questions after reading this post, this particular para.)

    1. The juice of the Gurnar Root has to be given, for this the juice should be extracted by crushing the root.
      The root can be more than 10 grams, but the juice should be about 10 grams.

    2. Dear Neel sir,
      I have some doubts regarding procuring the plants or roots for medicinal purposes or even for all purposes.
      As you also know in all the scriptures it has been mentioned that - when to take the roots / herbs etc. of medicinal plants etc. Or else, it won't give desired results if its taken in odd time, odd-way etc. But in today's condition, many a times, practically its not possible to procure the root or herb as prescribed in the text. Then how to go for alternative methods to procure the herbs according to the need and get the results? for example, now a days, ready-made powders or ready-made juices of roots or herbs have come in the market. IF they are used will they give the desired results? Even in case of Gurmar itself, Gurmar-powder,Gurmar-juice etc are there in the market. If they are used, will they give the results? OR how to get desired result by using these types of ready-made items?

    3. Readymade powdered herbs will in my opinion not give the desired results because they are not likely be in the pure form.
      If the time is mentioned and procedure is mentioned in the Tantra, it should be followed.
      If the Tantra say that the root should be uprooted or removed by the practitioner it should be followed, otherwise the root/herb can be purchased.


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