Kanaka Yakshini Sadhana to Know the Future

The Kanaka Yakshini resembles an old woman, she has white hair, her arms are boney, she is toothless and her skin and forehead are extremely wrinkled. The length of her body keeps increasing.  The fearsome Sadhana of this Yakshini is very important for astrologers and those Aghori Sadhus and Yogis who foretell the future.

I will tell you how she is invoked by Tamas Guni Sadhus and Yogis by practicing a Sadhana in a lonely and secluded place. The Sadhana is commenced at 1.00 AM at night and is continued for 30 days. Each day the Sadhak has to chant 125,000 chants of the Kanaka Yakshini Mantra given here. The Sadhak has to practice this Sadhana with single minded dedication and purpose, taking a break, only for essential chores.

A fearsome Hindi Mantra fo Kanaka Yakshini to getting the Knowledge of the Future.
Kanaka Yakshini Mantra

If the Sadhak succeeds in invoking the Kanaka Yakshini; she manifests with feces raining all around her. There is a garland of flesh and bones around her neck; which is extremely dear to her.

Like the Karna Pishachini Yakshini she whispers the future in the ears of the Saddhak and resides in the Upper Region of the Ears of the Sadhak. She makes the Sadhak influential, wealthy and renowned in society and at the same times ensures that he remains a corrupted person. As long as she remains with the Sadhak, she protects him and ensures that he is not troubled by any kinds of problems or dangers.

If the Sadhak unnecessarily troubles her she turns him into a lunatic. Sometimes like the Karna Pishachini Yakshini, this Yakshini, also defecates in the ears of the Sadhak and makes a stench emit from his body. Sometimes when the Sadhak dies, an unbearable stench emits from the body of the Sadhak.

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  1. Guruji
    Its 1 am and not 1 pm.. Correct?

  2. Hello Sir Thaks for the great site. I think 125,000 mantra chanting each day has been written by mistake. Could be total chanting 125,000 in 30 days. Thank you sir

  3. Is a dashansh havan needed needed in this sadhna after the completion of mantra jaap ??


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