How to Translate Alien TV Broadcasts

Detecting alien TV would of course be vastly better than just radio. TV images would allow very gradually matching alien word sounds with what some of their words appear to mean. Then finally we could begin making some sense of their speech. (And then eventually we could also begin to make some sense of alien radio from their far away world.)

If ever a special very big TV (& radio) effective telescope here detects apparent alien TV broadcasts from one out of many millions of planets, it should become a most fascinating, though a long hard challenge, to try translating from the received alien speech. This could entice many folks to help trying to do so, if having ample free time. This can include those having extra free time up in a high orbiting settlement, (thanks to their many forever obedient very helpful robotic serving devices).

Required first will be to determine how such TV images must be properly pieced together, converted from their broadcast frequencies. How often was an apparent whole view repeated over some background? How long are the likely image lines across an image view? How many such lines fill an image view? Which must be a starting, which an ending image line? How were bright-dark places evidently encoded?

It should much help to detect repeated patterns in consecutive image lines, such as from some bright or colored or dark edges of some viewed things. Then as we finally get that converted into what gives us sensible views, we should have little trouble sensibly translating the alien broadcast image colors.

Wanted soon will be to suitably turn what may be broadcasts sound into what we can hear. Then to translate their speech, first might be to associate some word sounds with some digit counts of some things viewed from the alien TV broadcasts. (E.g., if hearing some word sound often enough at times when three items are shown, that word sound will become associated with our word "three".)

Some repeatedly viewed alien activities can helpfully become associated with some other repeatedly used word sounds, such as when a ball is tossed or kicked. It will become most challenging to take everything being figured out by lots of eager dedicated folks here exploring this, to then combine such collected sounds into a slowly growing vocabulary of alien words.

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