How to Scan for Alien TV Broadcasts

Being quite wide, big radio/TV telescopes could alternatively have stuck out, on an extra far reaching frame, many Sol facing mirrors. Changing their reflection directions would slowly let the reflected weak pressure from radiation (& any jet streams from far distant Sol) slowly finely refine the orbit of such a radio/TV telescope.

Thanks to very low cost robotic constructions from asteroids, a growing number of such radio/TV telescopes could be assembled to orbit far out all around our Solar system. So these could scan many stars over decades or even centuries, all trying to view planetary systems orbiting many stars around where Sol is in our Milky Way Galaxy. If some out of a million such stars had a planet currently broadcasting radio or TV, then trying to make sense of such TV and maybe later radio would fascinate many of our high orbiting settlers having lots of free time, thanks to their robotically well served very easy living.

Large broadcast wavelengths on their planet would have been most useful for the aliens, to allow them to receive what's broadcast, little disturbed by any intervening storms. Also such big wavelengths would've most usefully allowed the good passage of radio and TV broadcasts through building walls, to get easily received inside the alien homes, etc.

If ever we actually succeed, what we receive should become most fascinating! But it might cost first briefly observing each of many millions of alien stars before ever finding one with a planet currently broadcasting alien TV or radio, to then pass on to some folks here to begin trying to make some sense of.

Earth TV & radio broadcasts have existed a century out of our local universe's 13,750,000,000 years. Possibly we'll continue some broadcasts part of the next 2 centuries? That's about a mere fifty millionth of our local universe's time! (But already many homes have switched to cable.) So yes, it could require having such a robotic TV & radio effective telescope observe many millions of stars before ever luckily finding one with a planet recently broadcasting radio and TV for maybe a few centuries.

But if such effective TV & radio telescopes are robotically constructed almost free out in space from some asteroid materials, it could be afforded. So the investors group responsible for the two high settlements orbiting Earth finally decided to program to have such special TV (& radio) broadcasts huge effective telescopes robotically formed in space.

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