Mantra to get plenty of Food

Food is the primary and basic need to survive; no food, no life, is the first and foremost basic truth of life. This has been true since the times of the first civilization of this world. The ancient Indian Sages composed many Mantras, believed to be of divine origin to ensure that there was no shortage of food to meet the basic need to survive; not only for oneself; but also the dependants, like infants and elders.

In this post is given a great Mantra to invoke the Divine Mother to grant plenty of food to the chanter and his or her dependants. The purpose was to invoke the Divine Mother to ensure that none starves or loses his life due to lack of food.

The Mantra is of ancient origin and is free from any kind of Puja- Vidhi – Archana and can be chanted at any time during the day or night.

My recommendation is just 1 chant with complete dedication in the morning or evening. The readers should remember that these Mantras trigger off some very powerful cosmic vibrations.

Mantra to get plenty of Food 

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  1. Dear Sir,
    What does it mean by 'These mantras trigger off powerful vibrations?
    Is it harmful in sum or the other way?


    1. No the vibrations are not necessarily harmful. For pure and essential purposes like wanting food, only beneficial vibrations will be harnessed.

  2. Again. There's a difference in Mem of Hindi and English versions. Dear guru, please rectify and specify the correct one for the benefit of all. Thanks!

    1. Hello sir, please clarify, which version of "me/mem" is true? And if Hindi mem is true, then how should it be pronounced? As if saying "mein" of Hindi or "mem"?

      Please clarify the confusion.

    2. There is technically nothing wrong in the Mantra, except that a Dot appears in the Hindi version.
      Me has to be pronounced as it is normally done while speaking Hindi.


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