Exorcism Tantra using Black Rice

This is an Exorcism Tantra which makes the use of Black Rice. This Tantra is useful in removal of any fearsome and harmful Tantric Experiment done by an Aghori Tantric. The Tantra gives relief against unnatural energies which come into contact with a person, at the receiving end of a Black magic experiment.

The Tantra has to be done on any Saturday. The Sadhak has to take a Black Piece of Cloth and keep some grains of Black Rice in the middle of this cloth and then tie it with a Black Colored String. Then an Utara of the affected person has to be done by rotating the Wrapped Black Rice around his body, from head to toe in a Clockwise manner; 7 times.

This done the practitioner has to go straight to a flowing water body without glancing back over his shoulder and immerse the Wrapped Black Rice.

Another seperate experiment to deflect Black magic, using Black Rice Grains is to wrap a Single Black Rice Grain in Black Cloth and leave it in the corners of the rooms of the house. This Wrapped Grain can be kept there as long as possible.

Black Rice is commonly called Kala Chawal in Hindi and is freely available in the market.

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