Worshiping the Adi Shakti

The Shakti at the core of everything in the Universe is the Adishakti. This is the energy which creates and looks after everything in the Universe; she is also the one who destroys everything. She is Parvati, Laxmi and Saraswati; at the same time. These three Mahadevi’s are the three forms of the Adi Shakti. She is the Divine energy present in all deities which is why she is also referred to as the Tripura Sundari.

She is the one who is present in the forms of Gayatri, Mahakali, Shabaridevi and Chamunda; as also all other deities. She is the dormant Kundalini Shakti in the body; waiting to be awakened. Intelligence, knowledge, education, employment, promotions, money, wealth, prosperity and riches, happiness from vehicles, fame and fortune, honor, authority, marriage, health and children, freedom from enemies are all possible only through the blessings of the Adi Shakti.

A lot of rare Mantras are given in the section on Shakti Mantras. The Devotee can select any one and then take a Sankalp by taking some water in the palm and state the reason for chanting the mantra, how many times he will chant it every day, how many chants he wishes to complete, the  time and place he will do the mantra chanting. Then offer the water in the palm to the feet of the idol or photo of the Devi.

Then before commencing the Sadhana; the devotee should fold his hands and say a small prayer to Ganesha to remove all obstacles which might come in the way of his successfully completing the Sadhana.

Post written for the benefit of readers as individual mail cannot be replied to due to lack of time. The recommendations given in individual posts might differ; however if no recommendations are given the ones given here can be followed.

The most vital thing in the worship of the Adi Shakti is firm faith and belief; without it no Sadhana can succeed. Whether to worship or perform any Sadhana or Prayoga is an individual decision; if you decide to do it, then do it whole heartedly; harbor no doubt in your minds; doubt is energy draining away from your body; overcome it.

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  1. i have simple question to ask..!
    if everything is already written in destiny then why do we pray and perform puja or ask to fulfill our desires ?

    1. dear parul, FYI you are not smart enough saying everthing is written in destiny so why we pray and puja,they are also are part of the destiny too .....whatever you doing is part of destiny


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