Tantric Experiment for Blocked Progress

The Tantric Experiment given in this post is a rare Tantra using the Jalakumbhi; Water Cabbage or Water Lettuce, as it is known in English. The Jalakumbhi is an Herb which grows in water and hence the name. It also has certain specific uses in traditional Indian Medicine; but very few know about the Tantric use which I am going to explain in this post.

This Sadhana is for those whose progress has been blocked or come to a standstill. No matter how hard such people try; there is absolutely no forward movement in whatever they aspire for; be it accumulation of money and wealth or progress in job or business or even progress in love affairs. This Sadhana is also called the Barkat Prayog.

The Prayog  On a Thursday  you have to purchase a Jalakumbhi from the market. Then wrap it in a Yellow Colored Piece of Cloth. The place it in an elevated position in your house.  The Ishanya Cone or the North Eastern Corner which is the direction of Progress and Forward Movementis most apt position to place the Jalakumbhi. It can be hung by a string or placed on top of a cupboard or a wooden platform.

Care should be taken, once the Jalakumbhi is placed then, it should not be touched by anyone; this stops the progress.

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  1. God Forbid if someone touches it, so can we immerse it in water and replace the same?

  2. If some1 touches it by mistake even after taking precautoons, what can be done?

    1. Nothing bad or inauspicious will occur; however it will spoil the harmonious vibrations; so better to immerse in water and place a new one.

  3. Is it a satvik prayog or a tamsik?

    Bcoz if its tamsik, I guess its sure 2 give results, as destructive forces are prevalent in nature, m I right?

  4. Sir, can we purchase the plant on some other day and hang it lkke mentioned on Thursday?

    1. No; purchase it only on Thursday.

    2. Last and final question:

      If the plant is not avl in stores, can I visit a lake/river's banks and pluck it on Thursday?

    3. Yes, there is no problem in doing that, as long as you get the plant on Thursday.

  5. Sir hang the water lettuce in the cloth it will dry in some days then what should do?

  6. Sir I have a very big problem when I want to do something in my business I say later I will do it like there are some negativity that block me to go ahead besides I have good ideas, wherever I go to negotiate work I'm not able to convince them and again not attain good so please advice me how can I take out the negativity from me please sir thanks

  7. One useful information which I wanted to share with all the readers of this blog as well as Neel, is that if you are based out of Pune, or you want a home delivery of water lettuce (Pistia Stratiotes), you can call my friend Vikas, who is the owner of a shop called Aquaworld, on Sinhgad road, Pune and his phone number is 9175620804. He is a wholesaler, so he can give it to you at low prices as well. I have brought it from him. So you can also order them. If you need home delivery, just let him know it.

    I hope this can help you.

  8. This one is really effective but takes time. Also we too need to work towards our goals to make it work.

  9. Tried this remedy as illustrated. It's been 6 months. No result.

  10. helllo sir i want to ask u if the jal mukhi in yellow cloth can be kept in a steel or wooden box and kept in ishan corner.......is it ok if its kept in a box???

    1. No, it has to be positioned as described in the article given above.

  11. We are unable to collect jalkumbhi....jalkumbi not avalable at my place....any solution....

  12. i had done it 2 years before, then my family members touched that and after few month i took that plant and then go to yamuna river and visarjit that at there, from then i think now my work and progress is completely blocked. i had tried everything but nothing is going in my life please let me know what should i do

  13. Sir, pls explain shd I put it in a bowl and wrap the bowl n keep it at the direction or how to put it exactly bcz without water it will die. Pls guide.


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