How to Place Home Appliances in Feng Shui

Feng Shui believes that the positioning of certain commonly used home appliances and home aids affects the smooth circulation of energy throughout the house. This is the reason why it advises specific places for specific appliances. In this post are contained certain Feng Shui do’s and don’ts as regards the most common home aids and appliances.

The Washing Machine brings about changes in the Water Element and hence it is always advisable to place the Washing Machine in the Water Sector of the house which is the Southern Sector of the home. A Washing Machine making too much noise disturbs the flow of  “Chi” or the energy which circulates in the house hence see to it that the noise is minimized or hang a Wind Chime or Crystal Ball over it to negate the harmful effect.

The Chinese believe that the clothes which are kept to dry outside the home at night attract the energy of the Souls which are moving around in the atmosphere. They also believe that the person wearing these clothes attracts misfortune. The clothes which are dried during the day attract the strong Sun Energy and hence are said to give positive energy to the wearer.

As per Feng Shui a Dustbin, Broom and a Duster Cloth always emit negative energy and hence these items are always kept hidden in most Chinese homes. There is a belief that these items disturb the productivity of the place where they are kept. A Dustbin should always be kept covered so that the negative energy emitting from it does not spread throughout the house.

Telephones, Fax Machines and Computers are made from Metal and hence they should be positioned in the South- Western Sector of the home; this is the Sector of Assistance or Helpers.

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