Tantra to know Hidden Secrets of Others

This is an interesting Tanta to know the hidden secrets of other people which I found while browsing a secret Indian Aghori Tantric text. This Tantra appears to be the ancient and middle ages counterpart of the modern day Lie Detector Test.

I the outset I would like to point out that this Tantra can only be practiced by a Siddha Aghori Tantric and not by other Sadhaks. Such Aghori Tantrics are said to have mastered the fearsome Tantra of using parts of the bodies of humans and other living beings in Aghori Prayogs.

The Sadhana is uncomplicated; the Tantric makes use of the Tongue of a Sheep for this Sadhana. The Sheep Tongue is wrapped in a piece of cloth and an amulet,  like a Tabeez is prepared.

The use – This Tabeez is kept on the chest of a sleeping person.  This person in his sleep blurts out the answer to any question put to him by the Aghori Tantric.

Disclaimer- I can’t vouch for this Sadhana as I have never witnessed it being put into actual practice by anyone.

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  1. Dear Sir,
    Some one has done black things on me, over 6 years I have no continue job,
    My financial condition has become very poor, same time sending on me
    Negative energy time by time to harm my life, I have big family. My all
    Works have become stuck. I found the following mantras in you online
    Listing please advise me can I read for protection, or if you can kindly
    Grant me some easy mantras for removing black things and attached energy and for
    Working. I am Muslim can I also get the benefit of Hindi mantras? Please sir helps me.

    1- Om Namo kali kapali dahi dahi swah…..
    2- Aim hreem namah.
    3- Ya Gafuro al Kabir bal Sager.
    4- Yaa Shaahe Fiyadaus Rahamdil Rahim, Assalam-o-alikum

    1. You have picked the right mantras. Mantras have no religion anyone Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, Christian or anyone else can practice them.


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