Importance of Kitchen Location in Feng Shui

The location of the Kitchen has great importance in Feng Shui because the support base of the financial position of the household depends upon the proper positioning of the Kitchen. The Kitchen should never be placed exactly in front of the Main Door because the “Chi” Energy entering from the Main Door merges directly into the Fire Element of the Kitchen.

A Kitchen placed in the center of the home is likely to be adverse for the health of the members of the household. If placed in a basement, it is said to affect the health of the female members of the house. If due to unavoidable circumstances or lack of space or improper architecture, the Kitchen is placed in these positions then it is advisable to put a curtain on the Kitchen Door and also a Wind Chime having 5 Pipes to minify and negate the adverse effects of the improper placement.

The Cooking Stove is the most important appliance in the Kitchen and Feng Shui advises that it should be positioned in such a place from where the entrance to the Kitchen is easily visible.

The Sink and Gas Cylinder should never be placed in the same direction in the Kitchen. The proper place for the sink as per Feng Shui is the North Direction of the Kitchen; if it is not possible then it can be placed in any other direction; except the South.  The Southern Direction is the direction of the Fire Element and is the proper place to place the Gas Cylinder.

If a Dining Table is placed in the Kitchen it is advisable to have one which is round, square or rectangular in shape. A Wooden Dining Table is said to be better than one having a Glass or Metal Top. The best place is the South Direction in the Kitchen. Also it is best to avoid placing the Dining Table under a Beam.

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