Interesting Home Remedy for Impotence

This is home remedy given by a Hindu Sadhu for curing impotence in men. The remedy I was told increases the potency of the semen and also removes any kind of mental and psychological disorder or inferiority complex, harbored by the unfortunate  man; diagnosed as being impotent.

This home remedy makes the use of these two plants-
Pashanbhedi; Bergenia ligulata; also commonly known in Hindi as the Pranabeej.
Bijora Nimbu; commonly known in English as the Citron.

Both these plants are extensively used in Ayurveda and traditional Indian medicine and hence considered safe to use.

A root of the Pashanbhedi is cleaned and then grounded to form a fine powder. Then this powder is mixed with the juice of the Bijora Nimbu and tablets, the size of your normal medicine tablets are prepared. These tablets are dried in shade and then stored.

The prescribed dosage given by the Sadhu is 2 tablets twice a day in the morning and evening, with water for 1 month.  The home remedy starts showing results after 1 month.

For more on the same subject and other home remedies for impotence, low sperm count and other related problems see the sections on - Sexual Health and Traditional Indian Remedies


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