Evil Eye Protection Charm for Children- 3

This is the third Evil- Eye, Ghostly Entities and Black Magic Protection for Children which is being published on this site; this is in addition to the numerous Charms of general purpose; also useful to protect children. This charm does not need any infusion Puja – Vidhi and can be prepared at any time on any day and used as a protective talisman.

The charm which is a Sanskrit Mantra has to be written on a Bhojpatra or White Paper. The ink to be used is Sandalwood Paste and the writing instrument; a stick of the Pomegranate Plant.

Then it has to be folded and put inside a Silver Amulet and tied around the neck of the Child who is in need of protection from Mystic and Magical Entities.

A Protective Amulet for Children from Mystic Entities
Evil Eye Protection Charm for Children - 3
Note - Only those who follow and have belief in Indian Tantra; need to practice these methods.

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